101 Effective Business Lessons, Tips and Strategies for Entrepreneurs

101 Effective Business Lessons, Tips and Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Business 101 - 101 Business Lessons, Tips and Strategies
(This is a complete entrepreneur’s guide to business, 101 business precious lessons, important tips, and mind-blowing strategies to get a boost in your business.)
Most Start-ups and small business owners don’t know the right strategies lessons and importantly they don’t have any experience in their business life. 
When I first started it was so hard for me too, because I didn’t have that much experience and everybody somewhere faces it. That’s why the role of a mentor is so important. That’s where the coach comes in, The Trainers. But you know what’s the problem with most small businesses and start-ups they don’t have that amount of money to spend on trainers because of the very very high prices.
Below is a pricing chart of a Business Trainer 

But don’t worry about it if you learn these Business 101 lessons and Strategies I can promise to you that you won’t need any business trainers.

Good Luck, 101-Business Lessons, and Strategies

    1-Time is Your Most Valuable Resource

    It is no secret that proper time management is an important key to success regardless of who you are or what you do.  Far too few professional businesses appreciate time as one of the most important assets around, and precious little is being done in the average workplace to make better use of everyone’s most limited asset.

    Manage your time personally, you better know what are your situations at work and how your work life is going than anyone else. So make it more productive and do first things first. 

    Prioritization is the key element in time management. But don’t let time management to become a stressor for you. don’t ever confuse your actions on it.do what you think is necessary for you. Focus on important things.

    2-Do One Thing Really Well

    Find that inner passion that when you start doing that thing you are getting true joy. a joy that comes from your heart. no matter start-up or professional life your passion won’t let you be distracted, depressed or more importantly it will help you to stay in the game it won’t let you quite which
    is normal in most start-ups.

    If you wanna take it to the next level you have to stay in the game and the only way to stay in the game is to find passion in it.

    “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress, working hard for something we love is called passion.”

    3-Take a Unique Approach

    Find out the Ways To Make Your Business Stand Out In A Crowd Of Competitors. it’s a very messed and competitive world and in business, it’s 3x harder.
    if you aren’t finding a way to stand out from your the crowd then probably you are facing more problems and even failures in life.

    You have to take some unique approaches to your business. really unique.
    if you do it well it speaks for itself, you’ll see people will talking about your business. They’ll trust you more, they’ll buy from you more. and most important you’ll see they will automatically promote your brand everywhere (word of mouth is more powerful than fuc**ing ads).

    Here are some ways to help your business stand out from the crowd

    1. Start a Blog (it will build an amazing relationship with your customers) 

    2. Provide an amazing customer service

    3. Offer a Guarantee

    4. Be Honest About Your Products/Services

    5. Do Something New

    6. Admit Mistakes and Fix Problems to Build Stronger Relationships


    4-Efficient and effective businesses do not run and grow on ideas alone

    It’s a very silly line that I have heard so many times, “I have a billion-dollar idea”

    OHH! Yes, your ideas are going to feed you, 

    People don’t just understand that ideas will never work until you put it to work for you. Like you have to work on your ideas to make something remarkable.
    Yes, ideas worth more than you think but ideas alone will never make you succeed. you have to put so serious amounts of work.

    There are so many courageous, ambitious and talented people who have some great ideas in their heads than Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett but the reason they aren’t in the list of Billionaires instead of Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett because they just have ideas they don’t know the ways to make their ideas a reality.

    The Doers are way more successful than The thinkers. 

    5-Think for Long Term

    Business is all about the long term, maybe today you haven’t made any profit from a customer but maybe in the future, you will get more profit return from it. 
    This is why companies with long term vision give free stuff to people cause they all are thinking for the long term. In addition, to grow big you have to follow that same track. you have to think about the long term. 

    So how do you think long-term? Well, here are some suggestions and tips you may want to consider

    1.  Focus on building your characters

    2.  Consciously practice long-term thinking (So how do you do it? Well, just spend the time to think far into the future; 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, 

    3.  or even longer. But don’t rush it don’t make it a movie you will fly without wings, you will own 65% of the world, be realistic and conscious.)

    4.  Figuring out exactly what you want to achieve in the future

    5.  Divorce yourself from the surrounding

    6.  Understand that every huge success takes time

    7.  Evaluate the actions you take daily (Ask yourself, what do you do daily? Are you doing the important, or are you doing the urgent matters?)

    6-Have a Plan for Freebie Asks

    People love free stuff (Everyone loves). Then why not to give them what they want but giving stuff free costs you money. yes, it does.
    But there is another benefit of freebies which I like a lot and it’s more valuable than the money. it gives you leads and importantly the loyal audience.

    Researches are shown that a customer base that is first connected and built by giving free stuff is more likely to trust the brand,  pay more for services, and became more loyal than the customer base which has been built in selling stuff.

    Try to find freebies that will cost you a little but it will mean a lot more for your audience. Educational products work better but again you better know your targeted market and every time just educational products won’t work for you.

    Some popular freebie ideas.

    • Discount code (better works for e-commerce)

    • E-Course

    • Video training

    • Worksheet/workbook (better works for B-to-B Businesses)

    • Guide/ebook

    • Checklist

    • Email Challenge

    • Community Access

    • Resource Library (better works for online businesses)

    • Something Unique to Your Niche

    7-Network with other Businesses

    Networking is a great way to generate business leads, It’s also a good way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in your industry. Who knows, you could miss out on the details of the newest money-saving technique because you skipped that event or canceled that lunch. Networking provides you with a wealth of knowledge from which to draw ideas, gain perspective, and importantly grow your business.

    “If I would be given a chance to start all over again, I would choose Network Marketing.”

    (Bill Gates)

    Here are some useful tips that I use to build my network.

    1. Make friends online (don’t mess it up, make some worthy business friends)

    2. Join organizations and events

    3. Host a meet and greet at your business

    4. Cross-promote (A great way to network with another small business is to partner with it. Like guest blogging,)

    5. Follow up (to build better relationships)

    6. Volunteer (it will boost your brand visibility)

    8-Create A Culture of Learning

    Organizations have two kinds of architectural design: the layout of office space and the design of relationships and culture.

    An organization or a Company with a learning culture encourages continuous learning and believes that the system influences each other. Since constant learning elevates an individual as a worker and as a person, it opens new opportunities for the establishment to transform continuously for the better.

    Here are some benefits for having an environment of learning

    1. Increased efficiency, productivity, and profit

    2. Increased employee satisfaction and decreased turnover

    3. An improvement mindset among employees

    4. A developed sense of ownership and accountability

    5. Ease in succession/transition

    6. A culture of knowledge inquiry and sharing

    7. It boosts workers ability to adapt to change

    9-Be Patient

    There’s an opportunity on the horizon, and you’re grasping after it with both hands–but is it the right opportunity for you? This is a key question that every business owner should ask before they move forward with their latest plans or opportunities. 

    Impatience is self-sabotage. One thing I’m sure of in this world is that nothing is free (nothing of value comes easily).  In fact, anything of value takes time, whether it’s a matter of developing a skill, building a relationship, or it has no different at business.

    Take your time and be patient.

    10-Run targeted Promotional and Marketing Campaigns

    First of all, set your marketing campaign budget, be realistic when setting your budget.

    How much money you have to spend on your marketing campaign will greatly affect the marketing strategies that you choose. A Superbowl TV ad is much more costly than an ad on local television or on social media.

    Then, Choose Your Marketing Strategies to Communicate With Customers.

    What communication channels are you going to use? Email? Direct mail? Pay-per-click online advertising? Some communication channels will be better suited to your target market, and you should know your target market. 

    For Example, don’t place radio ads if your target audience does not regularly listen to the radio. Consider where your target market spends most of its time. Where are they visiting and paying the most attention to information about your products and or services? In a magazine? On a bus? On their smartphone?

    11-Surprising Your Competition

    Be aware of what your competitors are doing but don’t spend lots of time on it. And build a long term vision for your company to be ahead from competitors.
    Find something that is Unique in your brand but not in your competitors, pick it to make it more strong, if you haven’t found something unique in your brand then do something different. make some difference from you and your competitors. 

    Knowing your own value proposition makes it very easy. And my one honest advice for you is “don’t be afraid of your competition”.
    in my point of view, there are zero percent chances that you won’t go to compete. there will be competitors in your journey but instead of taking it as overwhelming take it easy. I mean competition is good because it brings the best result, the best products among brands and stores. 

    make your self stand out…

    12-Learn To Communicate

    In my point of view, the one skill that makes it so easy to sell is Communication skills.
    it’s so important for anyone in business, even if you think you aren’t a salesperson but it’s important to be good communication between your audience and with your employees.

    • If you want to become a good speaker, learn Communication skills.

    • If you want to be a good leader, learn Communication skills.

    • If you want to be good at business then you must learn Communication skills.

    Below are some Proven Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

    1. Engage the audience in the discussion (in order to become a more effective communicator, make presentations and discussions interactive.)

    2. Don’t miss the meeting (talk when it’s necessary never over talk and confuse others)

    3. Start and end with key points.

    4. Focus on earning respect instead of laughs.

    5. Be a good listener.

    13-Make a Strategy

    Every business needs a strategy to make its goals easy to achieve and help every person in the company to achieve the company’s goals or visions. without a strategy, companies or organizations can lack direction, profitability, or efficiency.

    You have to set realistic goals then strategies for how you’re going to achieve your goals.

    when you are writing your Goals keep these below points in your mind:

    1. Your main competition

    2. Your target market

    3. Your plan

    4. Your directions for your employees 

    5. Create a way to measure your success

    6. Your marketing ideas

    7. Your USP

    8. Your Employee’s skills and talents etc.

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