7 Military Lessons That Will Help You To Succeed As An Entrepreneur

7 Military Lessons That Will Help You To Succeed As An Entrepreneur

7 Military lessons that will help you to succeed as an entrepreneur

I’m not the kind of guy who joins the military and went to a battle then learned these lessons, but I’m the kind of guy who loves to read, who love to watch and learn, who love to interview all other knowledgeable personalities in the world to get inspired and most importantly I’m the kind of guy who loves to share what he learned. I mean
“Sharing the knowledge is my fuel”.

These are some of the most important lessons of all types of Entrepreneurs. I was facing So many problems and as my passion, I was trying to learn new thing about my Business and
I was also trying to find solutions to my problems.

Then I got some military lessons, and as soon as possible I started to trying and working with them And let me tell you, these steps worked like a magical charm. and here I’m sharing some of these lessons and what I experienced by using them.

So let’s begin!

    1- Remove I, ME, MYs From Your Vocabulary

    The first major thing that I really really loved from the military is that in the military the words I, Me and My will no longer exist in your vocabulary it will be replaced by We, Together, and Us. Because they know about teamwork and they are taught that success isn’t a lonely process, success does not come by yourself it only comes in a group.

    Every time there’s a group of people involved, you need to realize that you need to work like a team, not a single one.

    What is good for the entire group will likely be good for you as well. And in Entrepreneurship, it is a must-learn leadership trait to reach high.

    If you are just starting your journey to becoming a better person than you were the day before, don’t think that you can achieve all of it by yourself.
    There are people with more experience than you and who have been in the game for a longer time than you, so don’t be afraid to ask for opinions or guidance.

    2- Practice Makes Perfect

    I personally don’t believe in perfectionism, like no-one is perfect. You cannot be perfect at all but you can be close to perfect By the way what I’m trying to tell you is “In order to be as close to perfect as possible, you need to practice. This doesn’t only include Military, sports, or in Business but every aspect of your life.

    Like nothing happens overnight you have to try, fail, learn, grow, and win. It won’t happen suddenly it will take time. always be in a state of learning.
    try and practice new things unless you become a  guru.

    “Don’t worry about not doing “it” perfectly right now. It’s ok, just keep at it, you will soon settle in it, and then you’ll be glad you didn’t give up.”
    ― TemitOpe Ibrahim

    3-Appearance Matters 

    If you are in business for many years or you have a good understanding of business then probably you know this Lesson, That you have to attract your customers
    and your visitors in the first appearance otherwise you will lose them.

    Personally, I have an e-commerce business, and those of you who have an online business you know that it really really matters to make your first appearance better.
    It will convince your audience to a call to action.

    Your appearance is connected to your personality and directly affect your audience base.

    4-There Are Worse Things Than Being Bored 

    I’m bored today. I have nothing important to do today. These are some silly and normal sentences that we hear a lot from our surroundings but from the military, I learned
    this life-changing lesson that there are worse things than just being bored.

    Some times they are in a war zone and suddenly they got some rocket attacks. Maybe one of our soldiers is injured, maybe someone is got killed or got captured.
    It’s 100x than being bored. And it’s so true.

    I read some true stories, they exist I strongly recommend you go and read some military stories then you’ll get the real value of your life.

    I’m 100 sure if you got that feeling then you’ll never ever say these (I’m bored today.) in your entire life.

    This is a news headline below.

    Army Pfc. Jordan Adams pulls security during a senior leader engagement with Afghan National Police in Bagram, Parwan province, Afghanistan. Flickr/US Army

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    5- Be Strategic

    Before going to a mission they spend hours and hours for planing because they know the power of planning. It’s the most important recipe for a dish of success.

    You’ve got to learn what you’re going to be doing with strategy. In the world of business, you need to be strategic.

    6- Be Patience

    No one prepares you for how dull it can sometimes be when you are serving. There is a steady flow of general orders and things to do, of course, but a lot of the time can be spent waiting for more substantial tasks.

    You have to be okay in waiting for something like nothing happens overnight everything takes time. And in business it’s crucial.

    “Slow and Steady wins the Race,”

    7- Take Responsibility

    In the Military, people relying on you all the time, And you’re relying on them. If you don’t do your jobs correctly, others may get killed.

    In the business world, you’ll often be expected to print off every interaction, to account for absolutely everything, and to constantly follow up with people to make sure they’ve done something.

    You have to be responsible for all the things you do and all the actions that your team takes. Because you are the alpha and you have the vision if you won’t be responsible then everyone in your business team will do the same.

    Hope you also learned something new to try and I hope it will help you in your journey ahead,

    Thank You.
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