7 Side Business Ideas For 2020 That Can Make You Tons of Money

7 Side Business Ideas For 2020 That Can Make You Tons of Money

7 Side Business Ideas For 2020 That Can Make Tons of Money

1- Ebooks

Ebooks are a fantastic way of starting a side business even if you have almost no time. You don’t need to come up with a great idea for your ebook or don’t worry if you aren’t a writer or you are thinking that you have no idea where to start. It’s okay, It’s normal.
Some people might not know but ebooks are a very good source of content to make money from or get your business leads and much more.
Probably you are working 9-5 or you are a business owner, whatever you are doing right now you have something to share with others a skill or an opinion everybody has it.
Just identify and write it down, you are not going to compete with a New York Times bestselling books you are just competing with yourself. 
Just start writing and make an outstanding ebook,  you can find tutorials on Google and YouTube learn from them. An ebook will opens new ways in your business.
Provide your ebook free in first but don’t worry you can still get money from it.

  • You can generate leads for your business 
  • You can do affiliate marketing with it 
  • You can ask for a donation 
  • The free ebook helps you to rank on google for certain keywords 
  • You can attract LifeLong Fans.
  • Most Important you can make money no matter your book is free or paid.

    2- Instagram Marketing

    Everybody uses Instagram on a regular base, then why not make your Instagram a side business for you. Well, you should do it. It’s so easy.
    Instagram has become one of the most famous social platforms and brands are now dedicating a substantial percentage of their social media marketing budget to Instagram. Now is the best time to cash in on its growing popularity and in 2020 it will become a cash machine for you.
    It can be the best side business for you

    How You Can Make Money With Instagram

    There are various ways to make money on Instagram.
    Here I’m sharing some popular ways, many people are already making money from them.
    • Affiliate Marketing (you post attractive images highlighting affiliate products and drive sales through your affiliate URL.)
    • Sponsored Posts
    • Selling Images
    • Promoting your own Business, Product or Service 
    • Building an Online Audience

    3- YouTube Channel

    YouTube the famous video sharing platform and the world’s 2 most used sites and search engines.
    Yes, it can be your next side business. 
    As I mentioned above everyone has an opinion or a skill to teach, everybody is good at something, finds that thing in you and starts to tell others, starts making videos, starts teaching people about it.
    • There are several niches you can start your channel on.
    • Tech Videos
    • Gaming
    • Product Reviews
    • Tutorials
    • Vlogs
    • Weight loss & Healthy Living
    • Travel
    • How To’s
    • Self-help
    • Book summaries
    • Business Content
    Above are some good Niches for 2020 Pick your niche. And starting your video making journey. (I love it)
    when it comes to making money from YouTube There are also several ways of it but below are some easy and high paying methods to make money from YouTube.
    • YouTube Monetization ( with Google Adsense)
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Selling your own products and service
    • Promoting your own Business
    • Sponsored videos
    • And the list goes on

    4- Manage Social Media For Small Businesses

    Everybody uses social media, and social media is becoming popular and popular and popular maybe some of us watch TV for an hour a day but we do spend 3 to 5 hours on social media every day.
    And in 2020 it will probably replace the TV. As social media is becoming popular every business and every company wants to take advantage of it.
     Every company wants to reach more customers through social media but not every brand or company has time to manage their Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, or other social networks.
    That’s where these companies hire other people to manage their social accounts.
    If you have a good understanding of social media then of course you can be a social media manager for a company. 
    They pay you a very good price for it. you can charge $3000 for just managing a brand’s social media or you can work for more companies. But at the start, they won’t pay you $3000 and they won’t come to you, you have to approach brands and work for them at less price and then you can demand your price.
    It can be a beneficial business to start but in the end, it depends on you, how much effort you put in.

    5- Sell Services on Fiverr (Freelance)

    You can sell your services online on Fiverr as a side business. Fiverr is a freelance website for freelancers. and people are making tons of money every month from it.
    You can sell your any service you want. (designing, web development, writing, speeching, content making, photo editing, business understandings, logo making, etc)
    The opportunities are uncountable on Fiverr, and prices start from $5 to $500 and even $500, or in some niches it could go even more. You can make 4, 5, and 6 figures on Fiverr working as a side business. And I’m also working with it.
    Fiverr Gig

    6- Start a Blog

    Blogging I love this, it’s because you can start blogging as a hobby and your hobby of blogging can make you rich and it is totally passive income because you are just doing your hobby not business work. 
    Those blogs which are stated by passion is more successful and popular than those which are started for business. If you are passionate about blogging, then believe me you are the world’s luckiest person.
    You can reach people, you can teach people, you can educate people, you can bring businesses to you, you can help others, you can build your audience base, you can build relations, and the most important part you can make tons of money through it.
    Neil Patel is one of the famous bloggers and digital entrepreneurs of our time. According to Income Diary Report, Neil Patel earn over $1,000,000 from blogging.

    7- Podcasting

    Basically, podcasts are great for making awareness or teaching people, but it’s also a great way to market your brand and it’s very effective for personal brands like every online entrepreneur have a podcast show. (Jay Shetty, Tim Ferriss, Neil Patel, Lewis Howes)
    But Podcasts are also a very effective way to make money online. I know so many people in person who are making a living by just podcasting. and podcasts are becoming popular every day. 
    Millions of people are listing podcasts every day.

    Here are a few ways people are using to make money from podcasts.

    • Sponsorships (Popular podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire, The Art of Charm, and the $100 MBA Show generate thousands of dollars — each month — through sponsorships.)
    • Relationships with Clients (people are also using podcasts to build relations and make them their clients as well.)
    • Affiliate marketing (you can also promote affiliate products in your every show)
    • Coaching (you can get so many clients to train them)
    • Events (podcasting will make you a better communicator and people will hire you to speak in  events)
    • Crowdfunding (In some cases, you may consider asking for your community’s contribution)

    Thanks For Your Time
    Linkedin – Ghani Mengal

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