8 Super Online Selling Tactics to Boost Your Online Sales 3x Times

8 Super Online Selling Tactics to Boost Your Online Sales 3x Times

8 Super Online Selling Tactics to Boost Your Online Sales 3x Times

The Game of selling is almost confusing to newbies whether online or offline, but the online platform for selling is not that hard than often people think of it. It’s way more simple than people’s expectations.

I’ve been in this game since 2017 and I have learned so many great selling tactics that worked really well for me. Here I’m sharing some most important tactics that you can use to boost your e-commerce sales real quick.

My 8 tactics to boost your Online sales (E-commerce) 3x

    Organize a Bundle Sale

    Bundle sales are a fantastic way to boost your sales, People are more likely to attract with offers that are giving 3 or 5 or even more numbers of products in one purchase.
     Pick your 3 or 5 products that are in one particular category. E.g. Pack of 3 Casual Shirts for Men.
    8 Super Tactics to Boost Your Online Sales 3x Times

    You can make gift sets, package deals, collections, and whatever you want.

    Create a Sense of Urgency

    It’s also known by FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). This idea is kinda manipulating, You are pushing your customers to buy the product because this offer is going to end soon. But it works really well.
    Creating a sense of urgency is the best way to increase sales, but creating a sense of urgency just did not mean to add a timing countdown. there are several ways to use this.

    Here are a few ways to create a sense of urgency to boost your sales

    8 Super Tactics to Boost Your Online Sales 3x Times

    Create an Amazing First Impression

    We are living in a world of instant gratification where people make snap judgments. It takes 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they will trust or buy from you or leave.
    8 Super Tactics to Boost Your Online Sales 3x Times

    First impressions are 94% design related.

    Below are some superb website design tactics to increase your sales.

    • The search bar should be large and visible and remain consistently placed throughout the rest of the site.
    • The navigation should be clear and logical 
    • For some types of products–like electronics or parts–power shoppers may need some assistance getting started in searching.  Consider including a “Getting Started” feature on the home page when a high level of knowledge is needed prior to even typing in a search query.
    • Include shopping guides that bring together items from separate categories.  For example, “Spring Trends” could include sandals, sundresses, cardigans, and accessories.
    • Promote the best-selling items. 
    • Place your contact information for customer service in a clearly visible area
    • Clearly outline your shipping and return policy if it’s a unique selling proposition.
    • Create a mobile-optimized version of your site
    • A minimal amount of columns. With a small amount of screen space, you can’t fit that much across the horizontal space and still remain touch-friendly.
    • Reduced image size.  Mobile users dislike waiting for giant images to load.  Use smaller versions of your product images on your mobile site.
    • Finally, be sure that you include clear, explicit links from the full site to the mobile site and from the mobile site to the full site.

    Build a Mobile App

    The number of mobile users is growing every single day, people are more likely to interact with mobile apps than searching on an E-Commerce website. the number of users who prefer shopping on mobile devices is growing steadily.
    Why not take advantage of this opportunity.
    8 Super Tactics to Boost Your Online Sales 3x Times
    Credit: Ruby Garage

    Here are some advantages of the Mobile app to boost your sales

    • Mobile Apps Are Faster And User-Friendly
    • Instant Internet Access
    • More Device Features
    • Push Notifications
    • Your Mobile Application becomes your Brand Ambassador
    • Productivity Improvement and Cost reduction (Mobile apps help you expand your audience reach in a very short time by reducing marketing costs)
    • Increase Potential of Your Website

     Make Checkout Process As Much Easy As It’s Possible

    Have you ever seen a good product and you added it into your shopping cart but when you reach on the payment page a messy form comes up and it has lots of questions like they are encountering someone, Name, Email, Phone Number, Fax, Skype Id, Iban number, Card Number, Account Number, Security Number, And the questions go on and on?
    Do you Like this kinda page let me guess, Absolutely not?
    These are some Vulnerubilites, a lake of Knowledge, and a lake of skills in E-Commerce business owners. Nobody wants to sit and type, type, and just type their information on your payment page.
    Just make your payment process so easy that people want to pay you again and again.
    Make the process as simple as it can be and also add remember information plugins on your store so when someone buys something from they have to just click checkout and they are done!
    This is the best way to improve the payment process.

    Show Shipping Cost

    Show your shipping cost at your product or landing page, even in your description. It is a must-do e-commerce tactic for more loyal customers.
    If someone is interested in your product and he as has gone through your all steps from product to check out but now he is seeing the shipping the expensive shipping cost. These types of customers will never come to you again. It kills loyalty.
    Make a reasonable shipping cost and always add your shipping costs right after your product price it will gain the trust of your customers and build a massive loyal customer base for you.
    Very Simple But Very Effective Tactic, Show Your Shipping Costs First.

    Launch Stores On Multiple Platforms

    It is a very important one, In my Point of view, in the beginning, you won’t have a great customer base. Maybe no-one knows about you. At the start it might take weeks to bring sales or worst it might take months to bring sales.
    I can’t blame anything or anyone for that because it’s Hard. I’ve been there it takes me so much effort and weeks to bring sales on my E-Commerce website.
    And the best way that I found to make your starting not that much worse is to join other market-places. Going to any place where you think your customers are. and don’t shy to ask for a purchase.
    Use social media, blogs, and even your competition to bring sales for you. Join vender programs, Wright Blogs, and also write for others. Interview people and also give interviews. Promote yourself as a brand. And you Will be Succeed.


    These are my own tactics and strategies for my E-Commerce Business that I run. There can be other great info for getting more sales but These are my personal favorite tips that I used to boost my business.
    Thanks for your time,
    Linkedin Ghani Mengal

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