4 Easy Steps Process For Making Confident Decisions Quickly

4 Easy Steps Process For Making Confident Decisions Quickly

4 Easy Step Process For Confident Decision Making

Making decisions are part of our everyday life, but in business, it can make big impacts even your smallest decisions can go insanely big. It has been said.

 “There are decisions that change our lives.”

In life, you will be at the point where you have some options to choose one. Some people trust their guts and choose an option to really on, some people start rationalizing, and some people feel stuck. The concept of decision making completely depends on your beliefs. Are you the kind of person who believes in his guts? Maybe you are the kind of person who believes in some sorts of myths and perhaps you are the kind of person who is afraid of taking decisions.

Let’s take a look at the process of decision making and if there is any possible way to improve your decision-making process.

    Pros and Cons

    like all human interactions, decisions making have some pros and some cons.


    • Increased acceptance
    • You can’t rely on anybody
    • A greater pool of knowledge
    • Different perspectives
    • Greater understandings
    • Positive sign of leadership


    • Social pressure
    • Minority domination
    • Goal displacement
    • “Groupthink”


    Increased acceptance: You have given the authority to take action which increases your chances of acceptance as a decision-maker (Leader).

    You can’t rely on anybody: This is another advantage of decision making is that you don’t have to wait for anyone else’s opinion, you are the action taker and you can take any action you want.

    A greater pool of knowledge: Yes, it’s true, decision making also increases knowledge.

    Different perspectives: Another advantage of decision making is, it improves your potential to see the situation or the situations from different perspectives.

    Greater understandings: Decision making can boost your understanding of your problems.

    Positive sign of leadership: Decision-makers are leaders. Making decisions means that you have authority over others which simply means you are leading them.


    Social pressure: This is the downside of decision making that you have let’s of social pressure from your pairs or your family member etc.

    Minority displacement:

    Goal displacement: As a decision-maker sometimes your decisions can go wrong and you can suffer.

    Groupthink: As a leader, you have to keep in mind every member’s thoughts about the current situation.

    In decision making, you must have to be a time-saver, because the skill of time management is very very important. Your decision is not a good decision unless it’s a time saver in other words if your decisions are costing you more time to achieve your goals then you’re decision is not enough. You have to develop a creative solution for your problems that saves you time.

    Steps Of Decision Making

    Here are some steps to follow when you are making a decision, I call it U.R.P.A.



    The first step is to really understanding, what’s happening, what will happen if you don’t change something, and what it cost to you when you actually change it. Being aware, feeling, and truly understanding your situation is 50% solving the problems.


    Once you understand what are your problems now is the time to think about what can be your requirements, what are the things you have to have, what are the actions you have to take, and what is the cost you have to pay.
    Take your time and think about all the requirements that you have to also and all the things that you have to do.


    After knowing your problems and understanding your requirements, now is the time to creating a plan. Simply plaining in your way, what you are going to do and how will you do it. Making a complete strategy for your problems to overcome from them using your limited time, cost, and other resources.


    Once everything is set-up, now is the time where you have to take action. Taking action using your resources and make sure your actions are making it easier to accomplish your goals, if your action is making your progress slow then you have to rethink and make another strategy for your target goals.


    Decision making can be hard for some people and maybe for some their decision never worked well. But somehow you can shift your mindset and you can learn from others to make your decisions better. I also struggled a lot in decision making but then I tried to educate myself to overcome my mistakes, and I did. In this post, I have shared my personal methods to make your decisions the best decisions ever. Hope you found it helpful.
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