Profitable Online Business Ideas to Start Making Money Right Away

Profitable Online Business Ideas to Start Making Money Right  Away

Online Business Ideas to Start Making Money Right Away

Almost every internet user at least once searched or read about making money online. And if we do a little deeper research, we will find that phrase make money online is always on trending and is an evergreen topic.

And it’s not the big thing, because as human nature people want to work less, people went to work less but gain more. No-one wants to work hard 10 hours to make 20$, everyone is trying to find a way to sit in forget of their laptop screens and make 100$ in 2-3 hours and then relax.

I’m not here to blame anyone. Cuz the internet is so effective when it comes to making money or building a business. And I also personally use this and also recommend you to take advantage of it.

As this particular topic (make money online) Is so big, there are also endless advice and ways given to people like bloggers. Online marketers and other internet-guys to help and educate you to start your journey right away.

The problem is there are thousands of websites and hundreds of thousands of articles and video sharing so kind of ways to you making money online, and most of them are promoting themselves or pitching you to buy something from them like Tai Lopez always do in his videos, training, and articles, or maybe you find something like 200+ ways to make money online.

Again I’m not saying that those are fake reports, but it depends on your situations. Let’s reveal the real ways from which you can get results.

If we count every single way to make money online probably is will be over a thousand ways to make money. But these all ways are not meant for everybody. There are just a few major ways to make real money, but there are also other ways but these are just to pay bills and you cannot rely on.

First I’m going to share some major income sources from which you can earn a decent of money but remember, your effort is needed. And then I’m also sharing all small ways of income, you can also start with them but I only recommend you to choose something from major income sources.


    Online Business Ideas to Start Making Money Right Away

    When it comes to online income, I got my very first income from E-Commerce. And still, I’m in this business. And it’s just growing.

    If you went quick results then why not start with e-commerce. You can sell anything, it can be shoes, jackets, gadgets, tools, books, and any physical product you can sell and generate a good income with it.

    First, you have to start from your inventory and then you have to set-up an online store or a website and that’s it. Your E-Commerce business is ready. and now you can start marketing campaigns.

    If you don’t want to invest in inventory then just simply you can start dropshipping. where you are connecting the consumer to the seller and you are getting your cut as a middle man.

    In both ways, you are helping customers live with the right product and most importantly you are helping yourself in making a decent amount of money. You can even go 6 figures with e-commerce.

    So, it’s a good opportunity for starting an online business.

    Content Creation

    Online Business Ideas to Start Making Money Right Away

    It’s a huge industry. from YouTube to Snapchat and Skype all social media and other content providing sites need content to run their business and they also give you the opportunity to make money from their platform.

    As a content creator, you can do anything. You can start a photography page on Instagram, you can start an entertainment page on Facebook you can start a Youtube channel. You can start a podcast etc. the opportunities are limitless, how for you can go with it

    But in every niche and every platform you will need to have a good following then you can publish ads and sell your products or someone else’s products or you can do Sponsorship.

    The first step is to start creating, no matter what but you have to create content. But it’s a long term process you need to be patient and consistent- for making it a good source of income. You can also make 6 figure income if you have a decent following base.

    Affiliate Marketing

    Online Business Ideas to Start Making Money Right Away

    You can also start affiliate marketing where you will be promoting other people’s products or services for a commission.

    Affiliate marketing is the fastest growing industry when it comes to making money online. Because with affiliate marketing you don’t need to have stocks, inventory, packing materials, and all other things, you just simply promote a product or service through your unique link, and if someone purchase, that product through your link you’re gonna make a commission.

    You can also make 6 or even 7 figure income with affiliate marketing.

    Here are some popular affiliate networks you can join.

    • ClickBank
    • Amazon Associates
    • ShareAsale
    • Commission Junction
    • JVZoo

    Digital Goods

    Online Business Ideas to Start Making Money Right Away

    As you can sell physical products in the physical world, you can also sell digital products in the digital world. Selling digital products is kinda cool. You don’t need any money, you can create a product on your own, and also if you have any skill you can sell that skill as a freelancer.

    First, you need to create a digital product or service then you have to promote all over the internet it can be a long term process or in some cases, it can be quick. But there is good money in it.

    Here are some product examples that you can create.

    • Apps
    • Web Pages
    • Web Templates
    • Freelancing Services
    • Digital Courses
    • E-Books
    • Printables
    • Downloadables etc.

    Blog / Website

    Online Business Ideas to Start Making Money Right Away

    Again my personal favorite method and a good way of creating an income stream are starting a blog or website. If you are really passionate about writing then I highly recommend you, to start your own blog. But you can start any blog or website. it can be a technical website, it can be an educational website.

    From blogging, you can make millions, but for that, you have to actually start a blog that costs you some money for Domain and hosting or if you wanna add a professional theme then you have to pay for it, but there are also free themes

    You can start ad publishing, affiliate marketing, selling, and sponsorships from your blog.

    Investing / Flipping

    Online Business Ideas to Start Making Money Right Away

    Last but not less, you can invest in online businesses. You can start investing from few dollars to thousands or even in some cases millions. But when you are ready to invest in an online business make sure that business worth investing in.

    You can earn very good money by investing in online business But you have to have a good investing experience otherwise it’s not for you.

    Flipping is the other of the option you can flip websites or domains, or Buy and sell any other Digital tool like WordPress themes.
    Flipping websites and Domains can be very Profitable But for that, you have to have good technical knowledge about websites.


    Here is the list of other side hustles you can also use them to generate an income source online.

    1. Google Adsense
    2. Influencer Marketing
    3. Ebook Writing
    4. Blog Post Writing
    5. Web Design
    6. Graphic Design
    7. SEO
    8. Social Media
    9. Business Coach
    10. Tech Support
    11. Website Testing
    12. Accounting / Book Keeping
    13. Micro Tasks
    14. Traditional Software
    15. Apps
    16. Online Courses
    17. Ebook Sales
    18. Digital Magazine Subscriptions
    19. Web Hosting or Reselling
    20. Membership Websites
    21. WordPress Plugins & Themes
    22. Offline Tasks Found Online
    23. Recruitment / Head Hunting
    24. App Reviews
    25. Twitter Paid Tweets
    26. Consulting
    27. Professional organizer
    28. Blogging
    29. Programming
    30. Dropshipping
    31. Business planning
    32. Logo design
    33. App developer
    34. Photographer
    35. Referral service
    36. Fashion design
    37. Importing products
    38. Voice-over artist
    39. Instructor
    40. Sourcing service
    41. Travel agency
    42. Online Researcher
    43. Copywriting
    44. Personal Fitness Trainer
    45. Customer Service Training
    46. Sales Trainer
    47. Virtual assistant
    48. Grant Writing Business
    49. Padgett Business Services
    50. Editing And Proofreading


    In this article, I’m sharing some of my experiences in online businesses and giving you the best possible ways to build businesses online based on my personal experience. Results won’t be the same for everyone, so be conscious of choosing your business. And put your all efforts in.

    Wish you all the best
    Ghani Mengal Linkedin

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