The Story of An Ant

The Story of An Ant (An Eye-Opening Story For Human Beings)

The Story of An Ant

Here is one of my favorite stories, that caught my mind when I first read this story. When I first finished reading this story, I stopped, I went back and I read again, and again I finished, I stopped, I went back and read again. I did that several times.

What I loved about the story is that the story isn’t just about a small creature or a moral story or any kind of “Child Teaching” story. The story has something deeper inside. The story isn’t just about teaching some manner to the homo-sapiens, meaning the wise man.

The story is about an ant who was hustling and trying to live, but unfortunately, he got some enemies and also his parents are killed by the same enemies. But the ant was helpful and was hustling and trying to live a better life but in the end, he also got killed by the hands of his enemies.

The story itself tells us about what looks like for others and how much we care about them it has a deep emotion about life and family and our home which we call the world is not just for humans, it’s for every creature that’s living inside it.

If we go to feel how they felt then first we have to put ourselves in their positions. And we have to stop the human disaster which is causing the animal species to go extinct. And we have to live with unity and the understandings that every single living organism on this planet is the part of the planet and is important for it, only then we can live with peace. And it start’s with you.

The Story Of An Ant

By Aleena Haq

“Oh dear, oh dear”
Said Zeek, while going here and there quickly. “I better find some food soon or the others are going to kill me.” Zeek was that kind of an ant which always submitted his work late. Every ant in the colony had to bring food each day, whether it was big or small for the queen. The ones which did not obey such orders were severely punished by the bigger ants.

The day was closing in as the sun was setting and the darkness had started to spread. Afraid of what would happen if he went back empty-handed Zeek continued his search. If we look back in time it really wasn’t Zeek’s fault that he was always late, for the other ants always had their mother and father to help them look for food while in comparison Zeek was alone as he had lost his parents at a very early age. They both were killed; killed by one life form that is a serious threat to ever Living organism – “human beings”.

Whether it be a child or a grown-up they always had the pleasure of torturing these little things to death. But amongst them were also some humans who were kind and tried as much as they could not harm anyone. But Zeek didn’t care if they were kind or not he always had hated them and had hoped that someday he would take his parents’ revenge.

“Yes, yes, yes,” shouted Zeek with excitement and joy for, at last, he had spotted food. While proceeding towards the food Zeek felt something stopping his way but thinking that it was probably nothing kept on walking quickly as it was already dark.

Again after some time, he felt the same thing, but now it was for real. His enemy was in front of him but at the wrong time. Zeek was afraid of what would happen to him because he was exhausted and his limbs did not have any power left to run or walk because of walking all day.
Zeek tried to run but fell to the ground. He felt his heartbeat faster than ever, he was breathing loudly and he could see his life ending in front of his very eyes. In a moment or two, the enemy raised its left foot and crushed the little ant to death. The same enemy which had killed his parents had killed him too.

Time had betrayed the little ant
As he lay down dead on the ground
Not a creature to be seen
Not even a single sound.
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