5 Reasons Why Your Website Ranking is Zero And How To Fix It

5 Reasons Why Your Website Ranking is Zero And How To Fix It 

5 Reasons Why Your Website Ranking is Zero And How To Fix It

If you’re reading this post, it means you’re a blogger or a website owner and want to improve your website ranking, “Let me tell you something”, Google is tricky and when it comes to website ranking you cannot use your own gut feeling on the ranking of any website cuz google don’t care about your thoughts, google just care about best quality content.

When I first started blogging, first 2 years I didn’t follow any SEO rule, I just did what I thought was better for my website. (Guess what happened to me) I got failed and just wasted my time+money+efforts.

Then I went out of the game for 3 months and in those 3 months I studied the websites, Blogs, I joined communities, and enrolled in SEO and Blogging courses. Then I started my blog again completely from scratch. (Guess what happens to me this time).

    I got these Results.

    5 Reasons Why Your Website Ranking is Zero

    Okay, it’s pretty awesome. Let’s talk about our main topic.

    5 Reasons Why Your Website ranking is Zero (And Their Solution)

    1- You’re Targeting Highly Competitive Keywords

    In my point of view keyword research is one of the most important things when it comes to website ranking especially in Google.

    If you are not adding the right keywords in your content then you are not putting your content in the right bucket.
    Let me explain.

    Put the following in perspective, there is a big library in your city. And in this library, there is a section of the book by the name of “History”. And in this section, there are thousands of books written about history.

    If someone puts a book about Golf Power Draw in the history books section then there are zero chances that readers of history books will choose a book on golf, if there is no accidental golf lover.

    The same happens with your content. If your content is about history optimize your keywords on history, not in golf-related keywords.

    Pro Tip: Use low competition keywords, as much your keyword competition will be low your chances of ranking will increase. Use keywords with high monthly search volume, As much your keyword’s monthly searches will be high your chances of ranking will increase.

    Remember the keyword recipe.
    Low Competition, High Search Volume.

    2- Your Website isn’t Optimized for Search Engine Crawling

    If you are not optimizing your website for SEO or your website isn’t SEO friendly then there are zero chances that search engines crawl and rank your website.

    When you submit your website (when you publish a post) Google sends a spider to read and crawl your website like normal visitors would. they visit your website through algorithms. If your website passed crawling following algorithms rules then your website has a nice chance to rank higher. If your website didn’t pass crawling they down your ranking grades.

    Optimizing your website for search engines is complete knowledge, you can hire some SEO services provider agency or you can learn it on your own. You can take an online course or a webinar or a big SEO event to learn SEO.

    In SEO there are so many things to learn and needs to be done in a proper way. in fact, there are so many areas of SEO.

    There is On-Page optimization, off-page optimization, link, building, tags, keywords, meta tags, meta descriptions, meta keywords, and much more.

    Here is a free resource to learn search engine optimization.
    Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

    And here is a course that I personally invested in and I highly recommend you enroll in the course in order to learn SEO.
    The Complete SEO Training Masterclass 2020

    3- Google has not indexed your website yet (your website is too new)

    Like all other new websites, your website doesn’t have any inbound links in some cases it can take a week or even more for a search engine to update their search results.

    If you are suffering from the same problem then you should consider creating an account on Google webmaster tools, then point Google to your sitemap.xml URL you can request them to recrawl your all URLs.

    Pro Tip: Create a Google search console account and inspect all URLs on your website, if your any URL is not on Google then try indexing it. In that way, you can force Google to index your website.

    4- You have very few Backlinks to your website

    Link building is another major SEO factor for search engines, especially quality backlinks have a high impact on your website.

    If there are thousands of websites linking back to your website, Google gives your website a higher ranking and also your Domain Authority will increase.

    But there are some cons of creating backlinks, if you’re creating backlinks from spammy websites it will be a negative sign and google will also declare your website as spam. Or if you are creating backlinks from small websites with lower DA, PA then it just costs you your time and nothing.

    There are services available that give you backlinks for some bucks but buying backlinks is another big mistake many online businesses make and for the short term they got good results and then Google takes action and their traffic hits a plateau.

    Pro Tip: Create backlinks from outreachs and from high authority websites.
    (Few links from high authority websites are better than thousands of backlinks from non-authoritative websites.)

    Here are massive free resources of mastering the backlinking strategies that will get your website ranking at the top 5.
    7 prove modern backlinking strategies.

    5- Your Website Has Been Penalized or Removed From Google

    I started my blog, I wrote high-quality content, I published regularly and I optimized everything but still, I wasn’t getting the results. then I checked my website and shocked by the results. Only 2 out of 17 posts were indexed and doing ok and all other 15 posts have issues or errors.

    5 Reasons Why Your Website Ranking is Zero

    Check your website if your website has issues or not, learn about Google algorithms like Penguin and Panda algorithm. these two algorithms are the most important algorithms in Google.

    You can learn more about these algorithms.
    Learn more about Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithms

    Check if there are any technical problems on your website that are causing your website down in rankings. And if there is an issue, take action as soon as possible.


    In search engine optimization there are so many things to take care of. But in the majority, these five factors are the most important once. These steps can be divided into sub-steps and more.

    Website ranking is a desire to any website owner or blogger it can be hard for some and it can be easy for some. But overall it’s all about some steps and tricks as I said, in the beginning, Google is tricky if you follow these algorithms and complete all requirements then definitely Google will rank your website higher.

    Thanks For Your Time
    Ghani Mengal Linkedin

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