8 Things You Should Never Do In Your Entrepreneurial Journey

8 Things You Should Never Do In Your Entrepreneurial Journey

8 things you should not do when you are starting your entrepreneurship journey

It has been told,

“Time Is Money” 

And there is a legendary quote about time by Jim Rohn.

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time”

And it is so true, in business, your time runs as fuel. It means time is your money. Especially in start-up days. Every new entrepreneur and start-up wants to work more and more productive and get lots of work done is a short period of time.

It’s nice to get extra hours of time in your work to complete your necessary tasks. And it’s not that much hard. Getting more things done in less time is just simply depends on your own habits.

Maybe it’s your habit to check your phone when you wake up in the morning. It might seem that it just takes 5 minutes a day. But these minutes and even seconds can make a greater impact on your overall workdays. (Your small habits are the key components of your productivity)

“Good habits are hard to develop but easy to live with, bad habits are easy to develop but hard to live with. The habits you have and the habits that have you will determine almost everything you achieve or fail to achieve”.

Here I’m sharing with you some habits that can build or ruin your productivity.

    1- Don’t Answer Calls From Unrecognized Numbers During Your Work Time

    Ignore, deny, or simply don’t answer calls from unknown numbers when you are at your work. We often did that because it’s a natural human behavior. We want to know who is calling us and why. But it’s a time bomb. It will cost you your precious time even if you attend the call and talk to them just for 5 minutes. But it will destroy your focus and can break your rhythm of work.

    Remember, You’re not being paid to chuckle-clunk around with your friends and family while you are on the clock. You only got paid for that value that you put on that limited time.

    If it’s an emergency, then it’s okay to take the call. Your friends, family, and other people don’t need to bother you when you are working on your dreams.

    2- Don’t Check Emails First Thing in The Morning or Last Thing at Night

    Mornings are your time to shine, it has been told:

    “If you win the morning you win the  day”

    In the early mornings, it’s time to take care of yourself, it’s time to take care of your mindset. You can choose to plane your day, Planing your works, or just simply you can use this time to relax and meditate.

    People say what’s wrong with checking emails for 5 minutes. But they don’t realize that this will increase so quickly, first you get 5 emails in the morning then 10, 15, 20, and even more. And keep in mind that every email is a follow-up email. You open an email they pitch you to a call to action you went to their web address and waste 20-30 minutes and again the pitching cycle starts to work. This is the reason why every productive entrepreneur recommends you to not check your emails first thing in the morning and last thing in the night.

    3- Don’t Agree to Meetings or Calls With No Clear Agenda or End Time

    Never be agree to attend a meeting or call that has no clear agenda or even if it’s not something about yourself or your business. But if there is an emergency only then you can join meetings without setting an end time.

    Pro-tip, if you are invited to join a meeting or party or a family meeting, or friends meeting or any other type of discussion please make sure to set a clear goal for that and must, set an end time for your task.

    For instance, You are being invited by one of your friends to meet him, and now you cannot decline him. Now you should simply set a clear goal in your mind that goes like this “I will meet him for this reason and will talk about how he is doing on his works and I will meet him for 45 minutes and then Goodbye.

    4- Starting Without a Plan (Failing to Plan)
    It’s not just about productivity and time-saving. It applies to overall life. In relations, business, and health but here we are talking about startup entrepreneurs *COUGH*

    Planing is a fundamental part of any business. If you have a business (or you just started) ask yourself. Do you have a plan for your upcoming year? If yes then make sure your plan is gonna work out, but if you don’t have a plan then you are not serious enough about that.

    Why having a plan is so essential? Well, without a plan you are lost and just trying new things randomly without actually realizing that you are wasting your time. Without it, you have no purpose.

    Warren Buffett once said.

    “An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan.”

    Make a plan for your next 8 to 10 months and follow it.

    5- Focusing On The Tasks And Activities That Don’t Matter at All

    Some many business owners (including me) spend a lot of time on unnecessary tasks like spending time studying very successful organizations like GoogleApple, Amazon, or IBM and try to act like they did. But honestly, it’s just passing your time your a startup, not Google or Apple.

    But I’m not telling you to study other companies to learn business stuff. I’m a big believer in this but what I’m telling you is simply that, that it has to be balanced otherwise you are losing a lot of precious time if you are doing it too much.

    Be conscious of studying other companies.

    6- Over-communicate With-Profit, High-Maintenance Customers

    It’s very obvious, I think you knew this before but recognizing it can be a little bit hard. Try to recognize your low-profit high-maintenance customers and deal with them in your free time or even sometimes let them go and focus on your potential customers.

    7-  Working More To Fix Overwhelming And Not Prioritizing

    Working hard for something that’s overwhelming you will always make your work harder and harder. And eventually, you will feel burn out.

    Overwhelming and burn out Just caused by not properly prioritizing. People don’t know how to prioritize their most important tasks. Because lots of people focus on unnecessary tasks as I mentioned in #5 point. (Focusing on the tasks and activities that don’t matter at all).

    Make sure to prioritize your most important tasks first. And get it done efficiently by focusing on The 80/20 Principle.

    Learn More About 80/20 Principle

    8- Don’t Carry A CellPhone 24/7

    Ooh yes! Cellphone the time waster, relation killer. There is no doubt cell phones are very important for business activities. Cell phones are not bad at all. But often time or almost every time (I can say), cell phones play their role as a time-waster, personality killer, relationship killer, it can make you self interested, unfocus, and lazy.

    Make sure you’re not using your cell phone when you are trying to focus on important things for your life and even not attending any calls focusing on your desired goals (as we mentioned it in starting).

    Make a routine for using your cell phone or use blocks for it and be aware of when your cell phone is taking your time.


    Over 95% of startups fail in there first 1-2 years just because not actually. Knowing how to use their time effectively to get more things done in their less and limited time.

    Overall, almost every entrepreneur or non-entrepreneurs suffers a lot with time management and productivity.

    So, in this article, I tried to cover all the most common mistakes people often make in their life and feel like they never have enough time.

    Thanks For Your Time
    Ghani Mengal Linkedin

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