Start a Profitable Blog in 2020 When People Say Blogging is Dead

Start a Profitable Blog in 2020 When People Say Blogging is Dead

How to Start a Profitable Blog in 2020 When Everyone is Saying Blogging is Dead

Blogging is kinda fun to me. I mean when I write articles and all other stuff for my blog I just feel fulfilled and like the world is mine and now I’m writing my experiences for my people. (well it’s personal)

It’s a quite lovely passion to start a blog and make as many great experiences as possible. But here’s the truth, blogging is only enjoyable and fun when you have a successful blog. When your blog is at it’s highest level. Blogging is torment and worse it’s a curse for new bloggers and for those who want to start his or her new blog (it’s a sad reality).

That’s why people consider buying guides or reading articles on how to start a profitable blog. But the problem is most of these guides and all other stuff are not newbie-friendly. These are not fully guided for newcomers to learn as much as it is necessary to start a profitable blog.

So, here in this post, we are going to break down all the necessary steps that you have to do to start a profitable blog even when everybody is saying that blogging is no longer the game.

    Is Blogging Dead?

    In my point of blogging can never be died. As long as Google is there, as long as people surfing the internet, as long as people are typing queries to find information blogging can not die. But first, we have to understand “why often people say that blogging is dead”.

    It all started when some people who were putting their efforts, time, energy, and even money in blogging but after 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year they didn’t get any result from it. They were blogging very hard and very smart but in the end, they got nothing. So, they declared that blogging has become very complicated to succeeding as a blogger. And every single day it’s becoming harder and harder.

    But I would say that blogging can never die, but something has changed in the industry.

    Let’s make it clear.

    The first point is that blogging is no longer a game of passion. (It’s true) you can’t say “huh, I’m very passionate about football so, I will start a blog and writing about football. This is not the case nowadays. You can’t use your passion anymore when it comes to blogging.

    The second point is, there are some blogging niches that are highly and insanely competitive and it’s so hard for new blogs to outrank other famous blogs out there. We can say there are some blogging niches that are dead. But not all blogging. As I said before blogging can never die.

    The third point is never to listen to everybody. Anybody can publish articles, post videos on blogging tips tricks, SEO tactics, and other stuff but they even haven’t tried these on their own. They are just click-baiting and giving false information to get attention and traffic. If you follow every advice out there you’re going to fail badly.

    Only follow and use strategies of those people whom you trust that they can give you 100% authentic and working strategies.

    Want to learn more, Here’s an article from the real talk and it will make everything clear.

    Why you should start a blog in 2020?

    If you are thinking, should you start a blog or not. My only advice for you is “Absolutely you should start right now”. There are some reasons why I’m telling you to start a blog in 2020.

    How to Start a Profitable Blog in 2020 When Everyone is Saying Blogging is Dead
    According to Statista

    First of all, start your blog as a business, not as passion projects. Don’t say, I don’t care if my blog made $1 in the whole year or 1 cent. Rather than, set a goal (yearly goal) and try to complete it.
    For instance, “I wanna make $100 this year from my blog.”. Set a goal and make sure you’re going to complete it and take care of your every minute.

    Another reason why I think you should start a blog in 2020 because like passion blogging is dead now but if you have started your passion blog in 2015 and now in 2020 it will become a popular blog and you probably become a digital nomad but you haven’t.

    The same happens from 2020 to 2025. If today you would not take some time and research on a niche and start a blog around it. then in 2025, you’ll regret why you didn’t start in 2020.

    If today “start a blog” keyword can give you $8 CPC then in 2025 the same keyword can give 10x more CPC. If today an average blogger is making $1000 every month then in 2025 an average blogger will be making 10x times more.

    The third reason is if you have enough knowledge, skills or any other value to spread or even if you are trying to monetize your knowledge or you are trying to start an online business then why not choose blogging as your online business (not just a hobby).

    So, you can monetize it, you can make money from it, you can get leads and sponsorships. overall the possibilities of blogging are endless.

    Still want to learn more, Here’s an article from Blogging Brute on you should start a blog in 2020.

    Choose Your Blogging Niche

    First and foremost you have to choose a specific niche for your blog. As I said, Random blogs, passion blogs, blogs without purpose, blog without targeting any market all are dead now. So, you have to decide your niche before starting your journey.

    thousands of bloggers, publications, and YouTubers start their journey in one niche but later on, they mess it up with all other niches and that’s where their ideas and efforts die.

    If you have chosen an SEO freelancing niche and after 4-5 posts you’ve started writing on sports issue then you’re going to lose your audience.

    Here are a few examples of top niches

    • Gaming Tutorials Blog
    • Digital Marketing Blog
    • Business/Finance and Investing Blog
    • Fashion Blog
    • Travel Blog
    • Movie Blog
    • Music Blog
    • Health Blog

    You can also break each niche into a sub-niche like gaming tutorials into only Minecraft Gaming Tutorials. Travel Blog into Europe Traveling Blog or USA Travel Blog.

    If your niche is well researched and more deep in an industry your success chances will increase.

    Here are a few points to keep in mind when you are choosing your niche.

    • Is your niche is profitable?
    • Are you passionate about your niche
    • Pick a smaller niche (but not too small)
    • Is there a good market?
    • consider your niche based on your skills/knowledge

    Still want to learn more, Here’s an article from on how to choose your blogging niche.

    Choose Your Blogging Platform

    Now we have our niche and our idea, how to blog, and why to blog. Now the next step is choosing which blogging platform you should consider using.

    There are lots of platforms like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Blogger, etc. But which platform you should use for your blog depends on you. How friendly you can use these platforms and what you can do with it.

    If you are very familiar with Wix you should start your blog on Wix without any doubt or any research. If you are very familiar with WordPress you should be using WordPress.

    As my recommendation, you should start your blog on There are a few reasons why I’m recommending you to start on WordPress.

    Almost 70% of the blogs on the internet are made using WordPress (70% blogs not websites). Almost all first page ranked blogs are on WordPress. You can customize every single dot on your blog you can create your blog as you want, but in other platforms, it’s hard to fully customize your blog. Always there will be something that you can’t customize. And WordPress is a lot Cheaper then Wix and Weebly.

    By the way, as mentioned above you can choose your favorite platform WordPress is just a recommendation.

    Still want to learn more, Here’s an article from WPBeginners to learn more about choosing your blogging platform.

    Choose a Perfect Domain Name

    The next step is to choose your blog’s domain name. Your domain name must be easy to read easy to remember, and describe your content/niche. And you can also choose your domain as your main keyword.

    Your domain name must have the followings

    • Your domain must describe your blog content
    • Your domain name should include your main keyword
    • Your domain name should be easy to remember
    • Your domain name should be easy to read

    In SEO your domain name plays a very important role. As much your domain quality and authority be high your chances of getting rankings will increase. But if you’re creating a brand new blog with a brand new domain then it takes so much smart work and hard work and patience to make your Domain Authority High.

    How to Start a Profitable Blog in 2020 When Everyone is Saying Blogging is Dead

    But the world is smart. People have made an alternate way of getting a High Authority Domain from the day first day. let’s break it down.

    Alternative Method, some people are so smart that they don’t wanna work hard for 1 or 2 years to get a High Authority Domain. they created another way for it. they hire someone from Fiverr for 5$-10$, to find an expired Domain name for their niche in their budget with a high DA, PA, TF, and BL, and then they use that domain in their own blog and get very astonishing results.

    How to Start a Profitable Blog in 2020 When Everyone is Saying Blogging is Dead

    If you like this idea then there is nothing wrong, you can apply the same method on your own blog. You have to hire someone to do the domain research for you. You will tell them your requirements and you set your budget then they will do research and give you the domain that you asked for, you can also hire us to do the domain research for you. Click Here.

    Choose a Web Hosting

    Choosing a perfect web hosting for your blog is very essential when it comes to SEO. Your site speed is dependent on your web hosting provider. If you have chosen a wrong web hosting plan for your blog then it affects your site speed. And site speed is one of the Top Ten SEO Ranking factors. Probably you don’t want that your site speed becomes slow and other blogs always outrank you. (I don’t)

    Google has always a positive sight on those blogs which are loading very fast and speed is one of the key components of your Search Engine Optimization.

    There are lots of web hosting provider companies and there is a very big competition between them. But I always recommend you to purchase your hosting from well known and famous hosting providers. And don’t go cheaper. As I said there is a huge competition between all of these hosting providers, every company first tries to hook you with a cheaper hosting plan than others, but as your blog starts getting traffic your web hosting will become a roadblock for you.

    So, always purchase hosting from sites like Bluehost, Site ground, host gator, etc. And don’t go cheaper.

    Still want to learn more, Here’s an article from cnet to learn more about choosing a web hosting,

    Set Up Your WordPress Blog

    By setting up your WordPress blog I mean, setting up your WordPress settings for search engine crawlers to easily crawl them. This includes your site visibility settings, SEO settings, Blog description, Tagline, meta description, keywords, etc.

    Here you can learn How to set up your WordPress blog for SEO visibility? Learn More

    Choose a WordPress theme

    This step totally depends on you that which theme do you like to use in your WordPress blog. You can customize everything, every color but what a good and ugly theme does is all dependent on theme SEO. There are several types of themes like SEO ready, Affiliate themes, Ads ready themes, Light themes, etc.

    Now the choice is your which style and which type of theme do you need. Do you need a theme for affiliate marketing purposes or do you need a light theme to get a better loading speed?

    How to Start a Profitable Blog in 2020 When Everyone is Saying Blogging is Dead

    And yes there are so many platforms to get a WordPress theme, and almost every platform offers you free of cost themes and premium themes. A most common question people often ask, should I use a free theme for my blog?

    The answer is yes you can use a free theme it can do no harm if your content and strategies are good enough but if you want a more professional blog look, then you should consider buying a premium theme.

    Here is my theme recommendation for you to start.

    WordPress Premium themes to use on your Blog.

    Install your WordPress plugins

    This step is so much important. Installing your plugins will give you the accessibility to do certain types of things that without plugins you can’t do. Plugins are like chrome extensions. You want an extra feature in your chrome browser you have to install an extension and likewise if you want an extra feature in your WordPress blog you must have to install plugins to help you in your WordPress blog.

    There are lots of plugins that most of the bloggers consider and recommend to use. There are SEO plugins, Analytics plugins, editor plugins, grammar, and spell checker plugins, and a lot more.

    Here are my top recommendations for plugins that every blogger should use.

    Click Here

    Create Core Pages and Your Main Menu

    Now you have your web hosting, your themes, your domain, and all the necessary plugins and now you have to create and set up your core pages and main menu. By core pages I mean your about page, your privacy page, disclaimer and resources pages, etc.

    You have to take your time and create the following pages first.

    • About Me (or about us if you are a team)
    • Contact Page (provide your contact details so people can contact you when they have any queries)
    • Disclaimer Page
    • Privacy Page
    • Resources page (If you want)
    How to Start a Profitable Blog in 2020 When Everyone is Saying Blogging is Dead

    After creating all of these pages the next step is you have to sort all of these. I recommend you put About and Contact page first and at last add your privacy, disclaimer, and resources.

    So, after this, you have to make sure you have a clear main menu bar. Like I have my main menu where I have added my categories like Blogging, Business, Self-help, Quiz, and Free Resources.

    How to Start a Profitable Blog in 2020 When Everyone is Saying Blogging is Dead

    You can also do the same categorize your content and create sections for them and add these in your menu bar. So it will be very easy to find what’s on your blog.

    Publish your first piece of content

    Blogging is all about writing blog posts and publish these blog posts on your blog. If you can’t write or your knowledge is not enough then you can’t get big on blogging. Yes! You can hire someone to write and blog for you but it’s a very limited approach to blogging.

    So, you have to publish your first piece of content. Don’t worry about it and just start typing your first post and add value and make it unique. If you have set up a blogging schedule then it’s so much better. If you have planned that you will publish a new post every week then just be consistent. And post every week.

    “If you have thought about blogging but you are not willing to publish content then it’s never blogging it’s just waste of time and money”.

    Here is an article of the blog post ideas you can write your first post. 150+ ideas for writing your first post

    How to make money from the blog (Requirments)

    Now everything is set up and your blog is running, the next thing is how to make your blog profitable? If you are blogging but not making any money that’s a very limited approach. Because you need money to maintain your blog and if you aren’t generating income you are way back then your competitors.

    Can you monetize your blog from day 1st? To be honest with you, from AdSense or media vine ads you can’t monetize your blog, but from other monetization methods or strategies like affiliate marketing, selling digital goodies, etc. you can monetize your blog from day 1st.

    When can I get income from my blog? It totally depends on your skills. If you are an experienced digital marketer you can make money from your first month. But if you are totally new I will recommend you to research and learn this deeply.

    Here are some important requirements to make money from your blog.

    • Traffic (as much as possible)
    • Great content that converts readers into customers.
    • Email list (for re-marketing)
    • Some freebie content (to grow your list)
    • Affiliate Disclaimer
    • Affiliate Skills
    • Digital products to sell (courses, printables, ebooks downloadable software, etc.)
    • 15+ Rich content posts
    • Must focus on writing 2000+ words articles. 
    • Join some affiliate networks that you can promote their product on your blog.
    • Try to turn your visitors into your readers and readers into subscribers and subscribers into fans.

    You can monetize your blog from the following methods

    • Ads
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Product Selling
    • Digital Product Selling
    • Sponsorships
    • Paid content etc.

    Promote and Grow Your Traffic

    There is a misunderstood of promoting your blog on social media and all other platforms,  like sharing your likes everywhere possible. Share your content everywhere you can. But I’m telling you something that it’s not promoting your blog it’s just spamming. And Google hates these types of spammers.

    At first, it’s very hard to get organic traffic you have to bring traffic from social media and your subscriber’s list and through your marketing. You have to bring people to your blog and make them read more and more. But like I said only posting your links all over social media is spamming not promoting. So, how you can promote your blog to get maximum traffic?

    The first thing that you have to do is start networking with other bloggers in your niche. And it’s totally organic you can’t make true helpful friends overnight it takes time. But once you did that you will notice that your blog traffic, your content organic shares, comments, and engagement all are growing very fast without your sharing links and doing all other spammy activities.

    Here are 3 best ways that we use to network with other bloggers

    1. Engage with other bloggers on social media
    2. Leave helpful comments on other blogs
    3. Become a part of a thriving community in your niche

    Here are some other ways that we use to promote our blog and generate real traffic

    • Guest Posts
    • Being active and posting regularly on Social Bookmarking sites
    • Being active on QnA sites
    • Encouraging our audience to share on social media
    • Email Marketing
    • Being active and posting regularly on Pinterest

    Want to learn more, Here you can learn more about how to promote your blog. Learn More

    Blogging is Like a Marathon

    To run a Marathon you must be eligible to run in Marathon and for that, you must be selected for trails to get your spot for The Marathon. Once you got your spot for Marathon, now you have to dedicate yourself to the workout every day for the next six months.

    You can’t say I think I have to run a Marathon today, it will never going to happen. Because Marathon is a long term plan it can’t happen overnight.

    Similar to The Marathon Blogging is a long term process. You’ll need an equivalent level of commitment and plan and effort and it doesn’t happen overnight.

    So, if you are thinking about blogging then get prepare for long term hard work and be patient, Don’t bother your process with others are getting results but you aren’t. It takes time to get noticed and build everlasting brands.


    I’m not a technical person, can I do this?
    Starting your blog, designing your blog, editing technical settings and SEO settings, editing your theme codes these all need a good amount of technical skills. But here’s the good news, there are lots of tools and there is Fiverr where you can hire people to do all the technical stuff for you and also there is YouTube where you can find the best video tutorials for your every problem. I personally know people who have zero amount of technical skills but are running very successful blogs.

    How much it cost to start a blog?
    Again it depends on how much professional blog you want but basically you can just test blogging for free but if you want to launch your WordPress blog it will cost you domain cost and hosting cost. And in just under $10 you can create an astonishing blog.
    What is SEO?
    SEO means SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION which helps search engines like Google to easily crawl and read your content that decides if your content is good enough to show it to users.
    What if I don’t have any money?
    Well if you have no budget for a blog or you just don’t wanna invest money in it here’s a solution for you. Just buy a domain name or find out any domain provider company that is giving you a free domain for 1st year, just register your domain name and go to which is totally free, and starts using blogger to create your blog.
    Or find a friend and ask them to share their hosting with you and use their hosting in your starting year.
    How do I figure out which niche should I go in?
    Do your research as we mentioned above, check out the competition, and just remember that it needs to be something you love talking about. (Something you are export or at least have good knowledge about)
    Can I backup my blog for safety or if something happens to my blog?
    Yes, you can. And I recommend you do this because your data is safe with you so you should back up your blog data and save it on your hard drive or your cloud drive anywhere you think they are safe.
    Is making money from a blog is legitimate?
    Yes, absolutely.
    How do I can make money from my blog?
    • Partnering with an ad network like Adsense to show ads on your blog.
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Sponsorships and collaborations with brands.
    • Selling courses
    • Selling physical or digital products
    • And much more


    In this step by step guide, I have provided you some inside information that you can’t find in any other guide or resource. When I start writing this guide there was only one thought in my mind and it was I have to provide all backend authentic information and write a clear and helpful post that no one has published yet.
    In this guide, you can learn the absolute basics of blogging to setting up and running your blog. This guide not just for starting a blogging guide this is a starting a blog guide and guiding you to complete your 1st and 2nd year of blogging until you start making money from it. you can also find the money part how actually you have to make money from your blog.
    And you can find there is so much priceless information that you can only find in paid content or in courses.
    Thanks For Your Time
    Ghani Mengal Linkedin

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