7 Online Business Models That Make 6 Figures of Income

7 Online Business Models That Make 6 Figures of Income

10 Online Business models That Make 5 Figures of Income

If you search on Google about “Online Business Ideas” you will find articles like “101 Online Business Ideas” or ‘Top 10 Online Businesses that can make you rich in 6 months” or any other “Get Rich Quick Scheme”.
I would say, don’t follow any idea that pops-up. Their ideas are weak, they don’t make you as much money as they said about their ideas will make. They are not flexible or scalable and in simple words, they do not worth your time.
That’s why these types of contents are all time trending topics because nobody gets a real idea to follow and start around. So, they are always trying new searches and finding new content to follow their ideas. But it’s not worthy of your time.
In fact, here in this post, I want to give you some real business models that are scalable. And you can start and grow it 6 or 7 figures in the future.

    1- Influencer Marketing

    Brands/Companies are always looking for Influencers to collaborate with them to market their products or services online. They are always looking for influencers (including small Influencers) in their niche to work with. Because the Influencers have the potential to market their brands.
    From the past few years, Influencer marketing has become one the most trending online business of all and it will be growing for upcoming decades.
    Every company knows that faceless brands are dying. So, every company needs an Influencer to collaborate with in order to keep its business running.
    Give it a try, learn to master the skill of Influencer marketing and I promise it will never be a flop idea.
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    2- Dropshipping

    Most people would say it’s too competitive, it’s dead now. Because they have tried it and failed. I have only one thing to say, you did it in the wrong way.
    The Dropshipping business is an evergreen business and it can never be dead. Just like Blogging. Blogging has become too competitive and you must have to choose a specific niche for it. Dropshipping is also the same, you have to choose your specific niche and products and then start building your audience base only then you will be successful at Dropshipping.
    And the best part of Dropshipping is that it’s passive, it’s always on autopilot and it’s scalable. With the right strategies, you can grow it 6, 7, or even 8 figures.
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    3- Online Courses

    yup! The Course selling business. This is one of the most selling products online and when it comes to money it has a potential that everybody wants in their business. I personally know so many people that are making 6 figures of income by selling their courses online.
    Learn your craft and become export in it, and then make a video course teaching your skills and sell it to the world. There are Udemy, SkillShare, and so many other course selling platforms or even you can sell it to your Website, Blog, or YouTube channel and from your newsletter.
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    4- Affiliate Marketing

    One of the best and famous business model amongst bloggers. And I personally use this method and also recommend you to start affiliate marketing. you can promote your affiliate offers on your Website, Blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and also on your newsletter.
    The one example of affiliate marketing I like to give you is this post. As you noticed that in every business recommendation I also recommending a course or a product and whenever you buy that course or product from my link it means I will get a commission and you will get a discount on your purchase. It benefits both the marketer and the reader. (huh and the seller and the creator of that particular course or product as well.
    And my honest advice on Affiliate Marketing, if you want to start affiliate marketing you have to be 100% honest, transparent, and helpful with your audience. I highly recommend you promote only those products that you have personally used or you were involved in and it was helpful to you. Now you are promoting it to your audience just because you find something positive in it and your readers must have to join it.
    If you are promoting a product that you haven’t personally used but you are recommending it to your audience then your audience will not trust you anymore. Only promote products that you used and got something beneficial for yourself. In my case that I’m recommending you these all courses, I personally involved and used these courses so now I’m promoting them on my blog without having any doubt.

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    5- Develop An Online Tool or An App

    Your App or tool can be the next big thing, if it does then you are going to make Billions from it. ( with a big B) but it can be a hard journey. So, let me tell you the easiest one.
    You can develop a tool or an app and still, you can scale it into 6 figures. You just have to be creative and your tool has to be a problem solving and bamm! There it goes, your 6 figure business is started.
    Here’s a resource for you to learn, how to find a problem-solving idea and also how to develop your app. CLICK HERE

    6- Freelance Blogging

    This is what I love all on the internet. Freelance Blogging is for anybody who can write creative and informative content and also have to have good SEO knowledge for marketing his/her content.
    First, you have to start a blog where you’ll be branding yourself as a writer, and also your blog is your portfolio where you have published your writing samples.
    You can also earn a very reasonable income from your own blog and also as you are a Freelance Blogger you will be writing for others and making huge income from it.
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    7- Online Consulting

    Consulting services are one of the best and expensive services on the globe. Every company or individual needs a couch or consultant/advisor in their journey. Either way, you have to be an expert in your niche. If you are a beginner or even an intermediate you cannot start consulting. If you do then no one is there to listen to you.
    It takes years of experience, practice, and learning even losing and failing sometimes then you can be at a place where people can hire you to speak for there company, they hire you to be an advisor in their company, and also they will pay you happily to become their Mentor/Coach.

    If you are at that stage boy you’re the most profitable than all of the other businesses that I mentioned above.

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    As you see the Online Business Ideas people share all over the internet, I hope you do. But what I’m giving you here in this post is very different from others, and what makes it different? Well in this post I have written only that Online business models that I’m gonna take personally in my life. And these businesses have the potential to grow it as much as you can, there are no limitations for it.
    As I said if I have to start an online business then I would definitely choose these options and I won’t waste my time on the internet for finding what others think because I know these are only the best possible online businesses that anyone can start. So, I thought you may have needed these ideas, let me know how you’re gonna take these businesses to the next level. REACHOUT TO ME
    Thanks For Your Time
    Ghani Mengal Linkedin

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