How To Create Unique Blog Content That Stands Out Online

How To Create Unique Blog Content That Stands Out Online

Almost every person is this planet who can read also can write as well. But it’s not writing some groups of words on a page that makes someone a writer. Writing is a way more powerful skill and requires a creative and open mind.
But if you are a writer and you can write 1500-2000 words then I have nothing to blame you. But the truth of the matter is, only writing will not make you a blogger. (I’m so sorry).
Blogging takes a lot more than just writing skills. Blogging or especially becoming a professional blogger requires a combination of the following skills.
Writing Skills
Marketing Skills
Programming Skills
Graphics Designing Skills
Proofreading Skills
And, a creative and open mindset to adopt changes.
A perfect combination of all of the above things makes a person a BLOGGER.
Learn all of the required skills but still, I won’t call you a blogger unless you have learned another highly required skill which is the skill of creating blog content that stands out among all of the competition.
The world is not going to call you a blogger if you have learned to blog and you have started a blog. The world will only reward you the title of a blogger (or even a successful blogger) if you provide then successful pieces of content that no one does.
Okay! Let’s enough discouragement and don’t worry. I’m going to start with you How You Can Create Winning Blog Contents.

    Publish Amazing Content

    How To Create Unique Blog Content Stands Out Online

    Creating high-quality blog posts is one of the best ways to make your content remarkable in very competitive niches. If you wanna rise to the top create high-quality and effective content for your readers.
    Not just it’s helpful in creating a better user experience, it will also improve your overall blog rankings. And in Digital World Reputation is the asset. And every post that you publish on your blog is going to affect your reputation in some ways. Make sure your content is building your reputation not running it.

    Make Sure to Give Your Readers a Clear Action Steps to Follow

    How To Create Unique Blog Content Stands Out Online

    Always make sure that you write accurate and useful content but not only this, you should also have to create the best possible structure for your content and in this structure create very simple and clear action steps for your readers to take.
    Make sure to use Headings (H1s) Subheadings (H2s and H3s) and give your readers very quick and easy steps. Always separate your paragraphs after 4-5 lines, creating shorter paragraphs will help your readers to easily understand and skim your content.

    Use Catchy Headlines for A Better CTR

    How To Create Unique Blog Content Stands Out Online
    Your headlines, have to be relevant and eye-catching to grab people’s attention. An average user gets a lot of results on the Google, Whether the user clicks on your post or on someone else’s it depends on the heading that we wrote our posts.
    Even if you can make your spot on Google’s 1st page, there is no guarantee that you can get sweet traffic.
    • Add a number e.g, 7 best tools, 10 top blog niches
    • Add the year e.g, Best drone camera in 2020
    • Use power words in your headlines (Top Secret, Crazy Tips, Fail-Proof, etc)
    • Create a headline between 60 to 70 characters

    Make Your Content Extremely Useful and Long-Form

    Write really long-form blog content and make sure that your post is useful for your readers not just stiffing words and sentences again and again. Google actually loves long-form content (2000-2500 How to, or list articles. 3000-4000 How to guides).
    If first of all understand the situations of your targeted audience, once you understand this step now you can write long-form content to solve their problems.
    REMEMBER. Write long-form content and define every possible solution for your reader. Go for the extra mile. Don’t settle with the 1000 words article.

    USE Your Visuals Right

    How To Create Unique Blog Content Stands Out Online
    Blogging is not just about plain text, visuals do super-duper well in blog posts.
    Probably you have noticed this change, most of the bloggers use a lot of visuals in their posts. Using visuals makes it a lot easier to learn the stuff quickly and people will not get bored.
    Make sure to use relevant visuals on your blog, like photos, graphs, charts, videos, proofs, etc.

    Publish Case Studies And Research-Based Solutions

    As Brain Dean also recommends this, only publish case studies. Literally don’t publish anything that’s not a case study in some way. The fact is unless you’re a huge personal brand like Gary Vaynerchuk, no one cares what you think. But they do care about how you can help them.
    One of the best ways to show people that you can help them is to publish case studies. But I have come to realize-after analyzing what content did best on my blog-that there’s really no reason not to publish a case study every single time.
    After all, if you have advice that’s helpful. You shouldn’t have a problem publishing a case study to go along with it.
    Big-name bloggers like Pat Flynn came out of nowhere by ditching “here’s my take on X” content and focusing on case studies type of content. It really works.

    Focus on Meta Tags (SEO)

    Improving your blog’s search engine optimization is a fundamental necessity, regardless of your niches or the type of blog you are planning to launch. If no one can find your blog in the search results in the first place, it will not stand a chance against your competition.
    Search engine optimization helps top search engines to find your website’s URL and specific pages of content, so people searching for content are much more likely to locate your blog as a solution. The more optimized your website is, the higher up your blog’s domain will be placed within the pages of search engine results (based on keywords entered, as well as the keywords you have optimized your blog for with updated and content pages).
    One of the simplest things you can do to improve your blog’s SEO is to start using meta tags. Meta tags tell search engines what your blog posts are about. So the know what keywords your post should come up for.
    If you use WordPress, the easiest way to implement meta tags. is with you st SEO plugins. Simply install this plugin, and fill in the SEO title and meta tags and meta description (make sure to include your keywords) before publishing any blog post.


    Helping your blog to stand out in a competitive niche is necessary today with the increasing number of blogs online in all markets.
    Taking the time to thoroughly research your blog’s unique niches, target demographic, and the competition is a great start to building a successful blog.
    The more in-tune you become with your potential reader, the easier it will be to deliver usefully, stand out content.
    Ghani Mengal

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