The Only 5 Ways To Generate Hundreds Of Blog Post Ideas

The Only 5 Ways To Generate Hundreds Of Blog Post Ideas

Blogging is easy but it’s too much competition, and there is one single way of standing at the top of the blogger’s community is to publish well researched and informative content frequently.
It seems to easy to publish new ideas but it’s not. You can write your first blog content or 2nd without facing any issue but eventually, every blogger will run out of content ideas. Even popular writers face these types of problems.
Having more influence means, publishing more valuable content. If you ever tried to find and copy already published ideas it means you can get more ideas but whether it will be valuable content or not, it all depends on you.
But for the most (especially for beginners) finding new blog post publishing ideas can be extremely hard. But here I’m sharing the only 5 ways of researching and finding new valuable ideas for your blog.

    YouTube Creators

    YouTube is the best place when it comes to finding content ideas Instead of researching keywords in keyword planner tools, YouTube can give you hundreds of content ideas in one specific search.
    Go to YouTube and type your main focused keyword in the search bar. For instance, if your blog is about Content Marketing, You can type in the search bar Content Marketing.
    The Only 5 Ways To Generate Hundreds Of Blog Post Ideas
    Then go-to the filters feature and click on the channels. It will show you all the channels related to the keyword Content Marketing. Here you have the creator’s data who created videos on the Content Marketing keyword. You can analyze the top channels in the niche and you can find a good bunch of content ideas to start creating content around.
    The Only 5 Ways To Generate Hundreds Of Blog Post Ideas

    Join Mainstream Platform

    Most of the bloggers consider buying magazines to generate new ideas. And yes, magazines are a fantastic way of finding new ideas. But instead of spending time and money on magazines, you can subscribe to the online Mainstream Platforms.
    These platforms are like goldmines if you join the top 10 Mainstream platforms you have the chance to generate and read 100+ articles every single day because these platforms publish a lot of content. Alone Huffington post has published 61,88 in the year 2012. And now their contributors are also grown.
    Here is a list of some Mainstream Platforms:
    The above list is just some of the Mainstream Platforms or some authority blogs. But you can find and join platforms according to your niche.
    If your niche is all about digital products, You can subscribe to “The Rise To The Top”.
    If you are in web traffic or SEO niche, you can join Quicksport or Moz.
    If you are in the customer’s experience space, You can join Help Scout.

    The G.N.U Method

    This is my favorite one. This is the no-fail strategy of extracting the most demanding, most useful, and the most valuable content ideas. This method contains three phases.
            G– Group Brainstorming
            N– New Ways to Explain Ideas
            U– Unpopular Missing Pieces

    The Only 5 Ways To Generate Hundreds Of Blog Post Ideas

    Group Brainstorm
    In the first phase of this method, you have to engage and reach to social media groups, Facebook groups, Pinterest tribes, Instagram DM groups, etc. And ask and seek what people are talking about most. What is common in most of the groups or what people are very likely to engage with.

    For instance, if you have studied your Facebook groups, for 20 minutes, and you realize that the term “Content Marketing” is being used in most of the posts.

    Now you also posted something related to “Content Marketing” and you saw a good bunch of people who are engaging and loving this topic. Now you have gotten a valuable keyword (Content Marketing). Because it is getting social interaction and Google loves it.

    New Ways to Explain Ideas
    In the second phase, you have to take a look at all of your blog posts and try to find if there is already a piece of content related to “Content Marketing” that you have published on your blog.

    If there is any blogpost related to “Content Marketing” then do researches and collect more data and try to explain content marketing in a new way.

    If it’s your first time publishing anything related to “Content Marketing” then don’t confuse yourself in this phase. Just study and collect data and look at what others have published in “Content Marketing” Space and explain it in a new way with new ideas.

    Unpopular Missing Pieces
    As I said before, some blog posts will never hit 1k page views, and it’s okay. Almost every blogger who started his or her blog, at the beginning their content just became fail and after publishing more content and gaining more experience now they have become successful bloggers.

    And in this phase, you have to find the small blogs. Once you find these blogs analyze which pieces of content they are getting the least amount of traffic. You have to find their unsuccessful posts.

    Analyze why their content isn’t making it? What is wrong in their SEO and content? You must try to find the missing piece out of their posts.

    Once you find that missing piece, write that content and add value in it, and finally publish it on your blog.

    There you are following the GNU method for 60 minutes can lead you to hundreds of unique and valuable content that are waiting for you.

    Social Bookmarking Sites

    Social bookmarking sites are fantastic when it comes to submitting your blog posts on them. But as every blogger submits their blog-posts on these sites new content ideas are everywhere in any social bookmarking site.
    You can scroll any social bookmarking site there will be hundreds of thousands of new ideas. But make sure you use the valuable, unique, and also add your own personal touch in those content ideas.
    Some of the famous bookmarking sites

    Keep a List of Ideas

    Ideas are everywhere, have you ever been in a situation where you have 8-10-15 ideas and after a day or two you are struggling to get a single idea. That’s why I often remind myself
                    Preparation is the Best Practice in Order to Pursue Your Dream’s Perspective.

    Creating a list will not take you any extra time, whenever an idea sparks in your head just make sure you have written that idea. No matter if your list is on your phone or on a piece of paper. But make sure you have an ideas list where you write your all ideas.

    What to Learn More About Content Creation


    I have seen almost every blogger (Both the beginners and exports as well) sometimes stuck in generating new ideas, expect I often struggle with it but the process of idea generation is not actually that much hard. There are just a few patterns to follow in the idea generation process. And I have just shared with you all my steps How I generate content ideas for my blog.
    Thanks Very Much
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