How To Do Your Website Marketing Without Spending a Dime

Marketing is an essential task for any business’s success. Especially when you are in a crowded market. And the internet is just bombarded with all sorts of crowds. And Leveraging the online market is as hard as making a jet engine. Creating a jet engine is not something magical and can be done by anyone who has knowledge about jet engines, but creating a jet engine costs a lot of money. Marketing is just the same. There is nothing magical, nothing super paranormal, or rocket science, but marketing and especially leveraging an online website can cost an insane amount of money.

But the chapter doesn’t end here. What if I tell you that there are some ways to do your website marking absolutely free of cost? Yes my friend there are some effective ways to do online marking without spending a single dollar.

You may know us. We absolutely can up from the broke, bottom, and from scratch (whatever you can imagine). At some point in my starting journey, I couldn’t even pay my internet bills and even once my domain wasn’t renewed and I didn’t have the money to renew my domain name.

These were the insanely bad conditions from where I came up. And here is the Truth, I actually spent $85 on my business, blog, and in my writing career in April 2020. Keep in mind that I was running my e-commerce startup and my personal blog from 2017 and in the period of the entire three years I didn’t spend a dime on my marketing.

And the $85 was my last marketing expenses, and I haven’t spent anything on my marketing.

Is Spending Money On Your Marketing Is Useless And Waste os Money?

This doesn’t mean that spending money on marketing is totally useless. If you spend money on your marketing, you will get results faster. But if you try to market your self you will get results but the results will come slowly.

Sometimes slower than you thought. And marketing without any money costs you time and effort. These are the only two things that free marketing will cost you. But you will get results or not it depends on your skills and efforts.

If you spend money on Google Ads and you don’t do it properly, you don’t know who to target and how to do it effectively, then probably you will just lose your all money and you will never get results.

The same applies here. If you knew and you have the skills that a marketer must have then you will get results but if you don’t know how to do that, then you will end up spamming your links on social media and just waste your time.

Now the question comes to mind, what we have to learn to do our marketing without spending any money?

Well, that’s why I’m here. In this blog post, I’m going to reveal the thing which you have to do in order to do your marketing absolutely free of cost.

1- Choose Your Category

By choosing your category I mean, choosing your main channel for which you are trying to do the marketing. It could be your online store, it could be your blog, it could be your services page, etc.

Why this is important? Because these methods that I’m about to show you will work best for some channels and not that well for others.

For instance, You can not promote and create backlinks for your commerce product on a blog post sharing site. Or you cannot share your entire blog post in any of your e-commerce product descriptions.

Make sure you must follow this simple step otherwise you will be just messing up all the time.

But here I will be going take examples of your blog or website. How you can promote your blog and website for free using these methods. You can use the same methods to promote your personal brand, e-commerce store, freelance service, landing pages, or any other thing which you like to promote online.

2- Double Down On Your SEO Efforts

If you want to get free organic traffic then there is no better way of doing this than SEO. With the help of SEO, you can optimize your content on the top of the Google Search Results (SERP). Imagine how much traffic will you get if your pages are ranking for several search terms? You can probably get hundreds of thousands of visitors each month.

And not just Google you can Optimize your content on Pinterest. And it can be a goldmine for you.

This works for all types of websites whether it’s your business website or blog or an e-commerce site. Optimizing your site for SEO is a must-do for generating traffic and making an impact. But SEO can take time. You have to be patient when it comes to SEO. It’s a long term game.

You can start improving your SEO score by doing small easy tasks like adding some useful links in your posts and making them user-friendly. SEO is too deep then just using a few tips, You can learn more by reading these SEO related contents which I highly recommend you to do.

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3- Leverage The Power of Social Media

Another thing for getting free valuable traffic is to use social media effectively. Everybody knows that one of the free marketing ways is social media. But, unfortunately, they just spam around social media, and they never get any audience at all.

Does it mean using social media is waste of time? No… But you must have to learn the right way to do it. All great marketers use social media to get clients and customers because they know that social media is the only place where people’s attention is. And when you try to market your business just keep in mind at first you only have to grab people’s attention. That’s it.

Providing value is another part that you must have to do when it comes to social media marketing. Because nobody likes a link that says, click here to read ho wast you can learn new things. These things are dead. People will never be going to click on your links.

You must have to give them something to learn without taking them to your site, without bothering them, and without disturbing them in their scrolling. You have to provide real quick solutions in your social media posts to grab people’s attention and then of course they would like to know more about you.

Here are some platforms that worth your time: 13 Free Ways To Promote Your Website By Margaret Bourne


Pinterest as I said is a goldmine when it comes to marketing your website for free. And when I start my blog I would say over 80% of traffic was coming from Pinterest and only 20% of my traffic was coming from all the other sources like Google, Facebook, Bing, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, Tumblr, Medium, etc.
And Pinterest SEO is also not that much hard as compared to Google SEO. And if you are not that smart in SEO and algorithms and all that stuff you can still get decent traffic from Pinterest.
Not just that Pinterest works for all kinds of websites, Business websites, personal blogs, e-commerce, educational, etc.
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Twitter is also a good source of traffic and worth spending time on, especially if you are a blogger and you only write for a specific audience. Just like what I’m doing here on my blog. I only write articles about Digital Marketing, SEO, and Marketing Training.
You can promote your posts through Twitter. Twitter threads are another best way of getting serious amount of traffic, and people on Twitter love reading Twitter threads. Twitter threads are a series of blog content connected to each other. And can summarize your blog posts in some Twitter threads.
If you are not using Twitter threads for each of your articles then you are missing a huge spike in your traffic.


Facebook is another great place to start promoting your website for free. Most of you are already promoting your website on your Facebook pages. But this isn’t enough. You have to go beyond Facebook pages.
Facebook is now trying to expand its advertising client’s circle. And Facebook page’s organic reach is almost down to zero. You probably have noticed this, a ten thousand followers page can only get 7-8 organic likes and only 10-15 organic reach.
But overall Facebook isn’t dead as its organic page reach is dead. You can take huge advantage of Facebook groups and Your Friends circle. Networking is key. And when it comes to free marking then networking is the only thing that you must have to have.
You can add value and stay consistent on your Facebook groups and in that way you can promote your website and gain a reputation. But again there is no success for spammers, always be authentic and helpful for others only then they can choose you over the competition.
Learn more about Facebook Marketing: Facebook Pages vs Groups By Oh She Blogs
You can learn more about promoting your website on social media and on other platforms there are countless platforms, If you want to learn more about promoting your website on different platforms you can read this amazing article, it also helped me a lot. READ MORE

4- Promote Your Website Through Email Marketing

Email marketing is a double-sided tape, which can be used in both free marketing campaigns and paid marketing campaigns as well. There is no limit to results. You can generate hundreds of thousands of visitors and customers for your business if you effectively do your email marketing.
But email marketing is like SEO it can take time. First, you have to get people to give their email addresses to you. You can do that by giving them some value for free, and they will happily give their contact address to you.
Once you have that email list, now is the time when you can start your email marketing journey. But again if your first email is asking them to buy or click on the desired link then you are going to fail. You have to give them add value in their life first then ask for a favor.
Gary Vaynerchuk’s Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook model works best in email marketing. You give them value in your first jab, again you add value in your second jab, again the third time you add value in your jab, and finally the right hook. Now you can ask for a promotion if they agree with it, if they don’t then again start the cycle from start.

5- Connect With Small Influencers And Blogs

This step is fantastic for e-commerce or any business that sells some sort of product. But bloggers can also take advantage of it. You have to reach out to the small influencers that can promote your products, your brand to their audience.
How To Do Your Website Marketing Without Spending a Dime
Influencer marketing can cost you money but it is one of the best marking tactics that you can use. But if you don’t have a marketing budget then don’t worry there are hundreds of small influencers that are just starting their career and want their first sponsors, and they can even collaborate with brands absolutely free of cost.
You can reach out to them using Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Just search your specific niche on Instagram and seek out new influencers who can be your brand promoters.
If you are a blogger trying to grow your audience and gain some authority and reputation, then blogging reach outs can work super duper well. Guest-Posting, Interviews, and Podcasts can put you in front of a new audience who might be interested in you.
You can find blogs similar to your niche on Pinterest, and also if you like to submit a guest post to a blog then Type your Niche name and “Write For Us” on Google, it will show you all the websites in your niches that are accepting guest posts.
And it’s absolutely free of cost.

6- Promote Customer Referrals

If you want to grow your sales and increase your customer’s list then this free of cost marketing tactic is just for you. You can launch your own affiliate offers where your existing audience can referral your product to their friends and family and can get rewarded.
It’s a very simple but yet very effective way of putting your product in front of a much larger audience than you ever could. But this only works best in e-commerce. And worth giving a try.

7- Include Your Website on All Printed Materials

Last but not least, print out your website link (and logo if it’s suitable) on every printable material. You can print it on your t-shirts, on your mug, on your notebook, or even on your laptop. In this way, you are making it easier for people to reach out to you.
If you are selling any product then include a free promotional item like a key chain or a pen that has your website printed on it. I also use this in my e-commerce business, whenever someone orders a product from us we sent a thank-you page to them which has our website and social details on it. Or sometimes we give them free customized pens and customized phone cases. You can also try this in your marketing and you will get some extra traffic to your website.


Marketing yourself is an essential thing for any business and who doesn’t like free marketing. That’s what we all want and appreciate a lot. In this article, I have shared My own seven free marketing tactics that I personally use. All of these tips have helped me to grow my business and finally, I’m thankful for these tips to get my dream life that I love.
You can apply these all in your business as well. And that’s what I want you to do. I want you to be a person of success. I want you to Lead Your Market.
Maybe you have any other better marketing tactics, If you have them feel free to share with us. And still, you have any questions about any of the above tips you can reach out to me from the Contact Us page.

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