11 Free Keyword Research Tools Every Content Creator Must Know

In this digital era, every blogger and content creator (especially new ones) is looking to improve his chances of being found and noticed. In digital marketing, SEO matters a lot, and it is deeply connected to the articles and blog posts that you publish. And a strong SEO plan needs strong keyword research. You can find hundreds of keyword research tools online. Most of them are paid or free for a few attempts. Here I’m sharing 11 free keyword research tools that you can use to improve your rankings. Absolutely Free!

Creating is something that every human being is deeply connected with. According to a study when we create new things, we became happy. And for me, I feel proud and happy when I create new content. And when my content helps someone to overcome his or her struggles, I feel like I’m in heaven.

Every content creator should feel the same happiness and have to have the one goal of creating content that helps others. Keep this in mind and power your keyword researching process using the following free keyword research tools.


This list contains my own personal views and these tools are the ones that I’m currently using or I’ve used in the past. Some of the links in this article may contain affiliate links, which means if you sign up using my link then I will get a small benefit or commission without any extra charge to you.

1- Keywords Everywhere

This tool is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. You can add Keywords Everywhere on your browser and that’s all. It’s a very useful tool for content creators. It will show you potential keywords for your topics, CPC, monthly search volume, ranking difficulty, and competitor information for various APIs.

The good thing about keywords everywhere is that it is an add-on that you can add to your browser and you don’t have to switch between tabs and tools to find information about your keywords, This tool will show you all the details on the google page and even this tool suggests and gives you a complete list of short and long-tail keywords.

12 free keyword research tools

If you want to be a lazy blogger, okay, I’m kidding. If you want to be a productive blogger, this tool can help you save time and money for SEO.

2- Google Keyword Planner

The Google keyword planner is a popular tool and many digital creators use this tool for keyword research purposes. Because it’s a Google product the results are very accurate and trustworthy. And it’s free of charge.

The Google keyword planner shows you the estimated keyword bid or CPC, the number of monthly searches from each region, keyword competency, and a lot of other valuable information.

If you want to learn more about this amazing tool, then check out Brian Dean’s guide to use Google Keyword Planner.

3- Keyword Surfer

This is a browser extension tool like the Keywords everywhere, and it’s also very similar to keywords everywhere. If you don’t like the keywords everywhere tool for whatever reason, you can give this tool a try. It is also a free tool and shows you all the information about your searches, keywords, and even competitors.

You can add this tool from the chrome web store. If you want advanced and easy results, you can use the keywords everywhere and keyword surfer together. It will improve your quality of data and productivity.

4- Keywordtool.io

Keywordtool.io is a very simple but effective tool for keyword research. In SEO, especially during keyword research simple tools tend to work best. It’s easier to use and understand simple SEO tools than complicated ones.

It allows you to do keyword research for Google and YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, and App Store. It shows you all the keyword-related information including search volume and suggested keywords. You can also find long-tail keywords on keywordstool.io.

The competition analyzing feature is just brilliant. You can check this tool on their official site.

5- H-Supertools

H-Supertools isn’t a very famous SEO tool. This tool was created by Hassan (a YouTube Guy). The good thing about this tool is that it’s absolutely free. You can search hundreds of keywords and they will not even ask you to sign up. You can select any specific country of your choice.

This isn’t just a keyword research tool but on their website, you can find more valuable resources and tools like site SEO analyzer, YouTube Keyword research tool, Instagram Hashtag generator, email validation, and a lot of other valuable resources.

If you are a newbie or you are running on a very tight budget, then you must check this tool out. H-supertools.com

6- Bulk Keyword Generator

This is a keyword generator tool (a free one). If you don’t know the difference between keyword generator tools and keyword research tools then the difference simply is:

“With keyword research tools you type a key-phrase or keyword to get the information about the related keyword, and with keyword generator, you just type your business details, your niche, and your targeted location, and they will generate a bulk list of keywords that you can use on your website.

This tool is a free bulk keyword generator, you can check this tool on their official website.
I personally don’t like to use keyword generators because I just want to select my keywords on my own. But if you like to use a keyword generator or you have found these tools helpful, then you can give this tool a try.

7- Keyword Sheeter

This free tool is playing with a lot of competition like keywords hitter, keywords surfer, keyword finder, keyword planner, and yet this is a very effective tool that most bloggers and digital marketers love using. This tool will help you to know the google search volume of your keywords, keyword difficulty, competitors keyword analysis, and even you can import and do bulk keyword searches.

Keyword Sheeter 12 free keyword research tools

You can check this tool on their official website: KeywordSheeter

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8- Wordstream

Wordstream is a famous and free keyword research tool that most bloggers and marketers use. It helps saves a lot of time. You can find keyword search volume CPC, competition difficulty, SEO difficulty, and even it suggests keywords to add to your projects.

Most people even prefer Wordstream over google keyword planner. In fact, this tool is partnered with Google.

wordstream and google partnership screenshot-12 free keyword research tools

You can visit their official website here.

9- Keyword tool dominator

This tool is a free but multi-purpose tool, it can give you information about google keywords, YouTube keywords, Amazon, Etsy, and other online platforms. You can easily access the keyword data for your targeted audience by using this free tool. It had some paid plans, but honestly for keyword researching the free version is just fine. I highly recommend any new blogger trying to find a helpful SEO and Keyword research tool.

keyword tool dominator - 12 free keyword research tools

You can check this tool on their official website: Keyword Tool Dominator

10- Soovle

The Soovle has the reputation of being one of the cheapest keyword research tools but also you can use this tool free of cost. Soovle is also a very nice tool for keyword researching purposes. It provides you the results based on 15 different search engines and the results are almost accurate.

Soovle free keyword research tool

It’s a simple yet effective keyword research tool. You can use it on their official site: Soovle

11- QuestionDB

QuestionDB is famous for its easy-to-use layout and design. You can search bulk keywords and can download the results free of cost. When it comes to SEO, the key thing that a user needs is an efficient use of keywords that QuestionDB provides. It can be used to make your website ranking higher by the use of the right keywords and thus also increase traffic.

QuestionDB free keyword research tool

It is free but you can also go paid. But the free version also works fine. Check this tool on their official website. QuestionDB


Going paid on SAAS services is easier but most of us don’t have the required budget and most are just starting and don’t have any money to invest in such services. But the thing is, you can get the same result using free tools and services but you just have to spend a little bit of time and energy on it.

Honestly, the day when I first started my blog in 2017 till today I’m doing my keyword research now my own using these free tools. So free doesn’t mean low value, but it means that you are manually researching your keywords, and this research will improve your marketing skills, your SEO skills, your understandings of competitors and their strategies, and finally it can also improve your critical thinking.

As you see there are even benefits of using free tools or researching your keywords manually. Keep on going!

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