What Is Google Currents? 7 Alternatives To Google Currents

Perhaps the better question isn’t what is Google Currents but what can Google currents do? If you are familiar with Google products then you probably remember Google+ which has over 200 million users. Which was a social platform owned by Google.com. But then in December 2018, Google announced that they are shutting down the Google+ platform and on April 2, 2019, Google+ was officially closed and all the accounts and data were permanently deleted from the platform servers.

Now, what’s the point that I’m taking you to Google+? What is the connection between Google+ and Google Currents?

From the very beginning, Google wants to create a social platform. That’s the reason why they have more than 270 products and time by time Google is trying to create another Giant Social Media Platform. Google has replaced Google+ with the new Google Currents. We can say that Google Currents is the updated version of Google+. And now again Google is trying to create a social platform but this time for the businessmen and business powers to communicate with their fellows, teams, partners, and employees.

What Is Google Currents?

Google Currents is Google’s new Company based Social-Networking platform that’s within the Google Workspace suite of tools.

According to Google itself:
“Currents is a G Suite app that enables people to have meaningful discussions and interactions across your organization, helping keep everyone in the know and giving leaders the opportunity to connect with their employees.”

So, it’s a Social networking platform but not for anyone, it’s for the company-based social networking site. Just like Slack which also is a company-based social networking site.

And yes, you can use Google Currents if you have joined Google Workspace. And remember that Google Workspace isn’t free. The Business Starter package starts at $6 a month. Business Standard starts at $12 a month. Business Plus starts at $18 a month. And the most expensive one the Enterprise price isn’t fixed, you have to contact Google’s sales team for pricing based on your requirements. But it’s clear that The Enterprise Package is gonna cost more than the other 3 packages.

What is google currents pricing?

Is it worth paying that much for a communication platform? There are other online platforms that provide the same company-based networking facility for a really cheap and even for a price, then why the heck people are so driven to that platform. In other words, what are the benefits and features that Google Currents is offering to the consumer?


Google Currents is an enterprise-level networking and communication tool just like Microsoft team, slack, and scope that aims to improve communication and collaboration within teams and organizations. You can find many similar traits that Google Currents has that are also available on other platforms that already exist.

Like when you use this tool, it’s similar to LinkedIn, you can create posts, share posts, comment on posts, and find new connections. But it is also like the Microsoft team where you can host a meeting with your team. Or you can also find it similar to slack where you can communicate to your team using tags and rooms, etc.


On this platform Posts are the most important element. Posts are the only medium how you connect, discuss, and collaborate with your team colleagues.

But the thing in Posts is that you can choose who can see your post by making it visible to the public, private, labeled audience, or even for a few people like your board members or personal advisers. You can also share someone else’s post on your profile just like other social networks.

Engage With Other Companies And Brands

The engaging part of Google Currents is amazing. You can visit the other company’s profile, view and read their all details and information, you can even see their public posts. And you can connect and talk to their representatives. In this way, you can deliver your agenda to other companies or brands, and you can grow your network.

The next important feature is your profile. Your profile is not just your individual profile, it’s your organization’s or company’s profile. So, it must represent your company and all the public information that anybody who visits the profile could see and engage with. But not just that Google is constantly updating the platform and adding new features. You can check Google’s official details on what features are you going to get from their Platform. Google Currents Features

Let’s Jump Right Into The Available Alternatives Of Google Currents.

Alternatives To Google Currents

As I said before, Google isn’t the first company that introduced a company-based networking site. There are many more alternatives to it. Or it would be more polite if I would say, There are many more platforms that Google Currents Alternates to. Because Google isn’t leading this niche, or Google isn’t the one who invented this company-based communication thing. They are following the trend.

1- Workplace By Facebook

Obviously, the first and the biggest alternative and competitor of Google Currents is the one and only Facebook Workplace. Workplace By Facebook has all the same features that Google Currents has, but Facebook has added some extra features as well. Like their Knowledge Library, the integration, calculating your potential ROI, and some other useful tools.

I like Workplace By Facebook because of its easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. I think Google Currents is a little bit harder to understand and use, but on this platform, you cannot find any section where any newbie could suffer. And their chat support is really supportive.

facebook workplace, Google Currents alternative

Then finally, The pricing. You can use their services free for a limited time in their trial period. But the pricing starts from $4 per person and then you can add additional services as well.

Facebook Workplace Pricing

2- Yammer By Microsoft

This alternative is from the Microsoft Company. Yammer has its own uniqueness but basically, all the features are the same as others as it’s also a Company-Based Networking Platform. But here is the interesting fact about Yammer, over 85% of the fortune 500 companies are using Yammer for their Campany-based communication. That’s what makes me think that Yammer is effective than Facebook And Google’s platforms.

Microsoft Yammer

Like Google Currents is available in the Google Workspace, Yammer is available in Microsoft 360. And as I said, Microsoft Yammer is used by many successful and famous companies. So, there is no wonder that it’s effective and a little bit expensive. You can check their pricing details on their official website. Microsoft Yammer Pricing Details.

3- eXo Platform

This platform was founded in 2003, and since then they are providing their solution for Company-based networking. And yes, they have tons of new updated solutions and services to offer. Like, they have the anti-fraud system, security solution, personalized interface solution, and even adding your domain or connecting your company directly on their platform.

The pricing starts from $5 per user per month.

Other Alternatives Of Google Currents

4- Igloo Software

5- Mango Apps

6- SAP Jam Collaboration

7- Zoho Workplace


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