6 SEO Tips For Blogs Straight From The Mouths of Top SEO Experts

SEO is becoming more complicated day by day. Now the search for SEO tips isn’t enough, but you have to specify your niche with the term SEO tips. Just like this article SEO tips for blogs. You can search for SEO tips for the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), SEO tips for Shopify, SEO tips for writers, you get the point. SEO is a broad topic that you don’t have to cover completely. But you have to learn at least the things that are important to growing your own audience and blog.

So-called SEO experts that often talk about SEO are paid to do this stuff. And mostly when you deeply focus on the complete talk or article of those “experts”, you will know that only 20%, 30%, and hardly 40% of the stuff is related to you and is important to you. And all the other stuff is just stuff, not SEO.

If you want to dig deep a little bit and learn what SEO tips and tactics you should know to grow your blog, then I would say read 5 books on SEO, attend 2 SEO events, buy at least 5 online courses on SEO, and read around 100 articles on SEO. Only then, you are going to be able to properly handle your SEO. And all of this takes time, probably 2 to 3 years of just learning. Deeply!

That’s why most businesses and individuals don’t want to spend that much time, money, and effort on this SEO learning race. And they simply hire SEO experts to do their SEO. And it’s one of the important things that you should know about. Most SEO experts try to give small things big shadows and make the process feel more difficult and back-busting so that people don’t want to do this stuff by themselves and buy their products or services. Most SEO and marketing agencies use this shameful approach to get new customers.

So the main purpose of this article is to save you some time, money, and a lot of research and back-busting effort. I wanna share only the SEO tips and tactics that work for blogs best. And I won’t give you any course to learn all that or promote anything to you. You may know that I don’t show ads and I don’t even promote any course or book to my audience. I just wanna make a difference in the space. Read this article to better understand what we are going to do in our Blog/Website SEO

6 SEO Tips For Blogs:

Tip 1: Dwell Time

To describe the term dwell time in a sentence, “Dwell time is the average time that users spend on your blog page”. Google puts a lot of effort into the user-friendliness and user-experience of each blog and each blog article. Dwell time is directly connected to your user experience, user-friendliness, and quality of your articles. If a user finds your content important, he or she will spend more time on the specific page to entertain or to educate themselves. If a user finds your content ugly then it’s no brainer that they will leave your site as soon as possible.

To increase your dwell time, first of all, make sure that you are publishing quality content that solves someone’s problem. Quality matters. Then make sure that you have enough visuals added to your posts to keep users engaged and entertained. Add graphs, photos, screenshots, memes, videos, or whatever.

Tip 2: Use 1 or 2 Keywords

You can optimize your content for many search terms. Maybe you have noticed that the same website is ranking for several search terms, but here is the trick for you. Make sure you aren’t focusing to rank for several search terms at the same time. Sure, you can optimize and target 4 different keywords on a single article, but it doesn’t mean improving your chances of rankings. In fact, it hurts your overall SEO. Focus on targeting 1 or 2 keywords in your articles. To learn more about the best keyword research techniques read this article.

Tip 3: Guest Post on Relevant Blogs

The third most important SEO tip for bloggers is to stay active in the Blogger’s circle (the community). Try to find the most relevant blogs in your niche, then follow the authors of those blogs on social media. Try to engage with each and every one of them and try to give back to your community. And finally, always pitch them with your guest post ideas. It will not just improve your SEO but also your traffic, trustworthiness, and makes you an export of your domain.

Tip 4: Make Inbound Linking Your Habit

Inbound linking has miracle effects on your SEO but sadly most people don’t look at this as important as it deserves to be. It helps search engines to crawl through your site. And if your page is ranking then it will boost the chances of ranking for the other pages that you are linking in your post. Not just that it will increase the chances of your readers to click and read your other content as well. If someone clicks on your inbound links then Google assumes that a very good user experience. Keep in mind that most of the SEO ranking factors depend on your users if your users love your content and your site experience then your ranking is sure. Read this article to learn more about inbound links and site structure.

Tip 5: Publish Evergreen Content

Make sure to publish evergreen content. Content that people will search for a long period of time. Especially if you are a new blogger then try to publish evergreen content as much as it is possible, because, in the beginning, it is really hard to rank quickly if you publish content that is just a trend for a week or a month than you have fewer chances for ranking for that term and your all efforts are going to waste. But if you publish evergreen content, then after 3month when you reach that level of authority you will easily rank for a lot of search terms. Publishing evergreen content is really helpful in the long run.

Tip 6: Try Out Different Content Format

This tip is probably the most important of all. Don’t focus on publishing a single form of content, always try to publish different content formats. If Listicles aren’t working for you then change your content format, if guides or comparison posts aren’t working for you then change the format of your content. Test, experiment, and learn which format is working for you then double down on that specific format.

Here are the most important and popular content formats.

  1. Comparison Articles
  2. Product Review
  3. How-to Guides
  4. Ultimate Guides
  5. Sharing Resources and Templates
  6. Listicles/List Articles
  7. Tool Kits


These were the most important and initial tips to follow if you are a blogger. These SEO tips can increase your SEO authority and increase your traffic and that ultimately happens when you start working on the track to improve your SEO. There are more possible SEO tips for blogs, but these 6 are the most important of all and every new blogger has to improve on these areas.

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