How SEO Helps In Digital Marketing?

How SEO Helps In Digital Marketing? I know this sentence is grammatically incorrect, but it’s the exact same question most people ask. SEO or Search Engine Marketing is a huge topic. It is impossible to share the whole knowledge in a 1000-word article. I consider SEO as the backbone of any website or blog and I highly recommend every business, blog, or company to consider SEO practices in their digital marketing.

Let’s give you an example; if you go sky diving and you jump at the height of 14,000 feet. But then you realize that you are completely naked, you don’t have a parachute, don’t have clothes, and you are completely naked. You are falling at the speed of 125MPH. It’s exactly the same as if you build a business, a website, or a blog and just publish stuff in it and reached 14,000 height but for what? For falling down at the Speed of 125MHP and for your own death.

SEO Helps a lot in digital marketing. It is the backbone of any successful blog or website. SEO is not just the name of ranking something on google search results. But it also helps create a great user experience, creating a system for your website or blog, publishing quality content, not spamming anything or doing something wrong, it helps in serving the consumers, building relationships, creating a great site hierarchy, having a technically optimized site, easy to use and fully functional website or blog.

How SEO helps in Digital Marketing? Most importantly SEO helps everyone, including website owners, consumers, and also for search engines. Everyone is happy if you optimize your site for SEO.

How SEO Helps In Digital Marketing?

  • Without SEO you are not doing Digital Marketing you are just publishing
  • With SEO you focus on the things that people are searching for, it helps solve their problems
  • SEO helps you to solve all your technical issues, your menus, your sidebars, and your footer section. This will make your website’s appearance professional.
  • SEO helps you to publish content for a targeted group of people. This keeps you in a Niche and you stand out from the competition.
  • Good SEO demands quality content. If you do SEO properly, it will improve your content quality.
  • SEO helps create great structures. With SEO you will properly structure your content and your whole website.
  • SEO helps to find what customers need
  • SEO improves communication and relationship between brands and customers.


How SEO helps in Digital Marketing? In this short article, I just tried to spread the idea behind the importance of SEO. In 2022 as the world has more than a billion blogs and millions of blog posts are being published every single day, standing out and creating a successful blog needs SEO. Learn SEO and Digital Marketing

For Bloggers like us: SEO = Success

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